Zomato Blinkit Deal 2022

Zomato Blinkit Deal 2022

The board of the food aggregator Zomato has FINALLY authorized the purchase of blinkit, a start-up in fast commerce, in an all-stock transaction for a total purchase price of Rs 4,447 crore. The decision is made as Zomato prepares for a 10-minute delivery. A quick-commerce platform called Blinkit sends consumers food and other necessities. The business oversees 400+ dark stores with an average of 4,000 SKUs each, serving 2.3 million MTUs (15.7mn for Zomato). 7.9 million orders were placed through May 22 on Blinkit, which is over 16 percent more than Zomato’s Q4 FY22 run rate. This accomplishment is remarkable given that Zomato operates in 1,000 cities compared to 15 for Blinkit.

Integrating the delivery fleet will be the primary synergy for Zomato to reduce delivery costs. Operational excellence and cost leadership are essential for the combined organization to be a successful franchise. Zomato and Blinkit both have greater average order values (AOV), but Blinkit’s contribution profit per order is lower due to lower dark shop margins and costs. We think it is an ambitious goal for management to expect Blinkit to achieve adjusted EBITDA break-even in less than three years. Blinkist’s network of hidden stores now has more than 400 of them, down from more than 450 in January 2022 since some dark stores weren’t profitable.

What Motivated Zomato To Purchase Blinkit? 

Zomato Blinkit Deal 2022
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Despite having an AOV of roughly 509, which is 28 percent greater than Zomato’s, Blinkit is still losing 84 each. The corporation burns $165 million in cash annually. Because of decreased throughput per dark store, Blinkit’s loss per order is more than we anticipated (613 orders per day per dark store). In addition, we expect Blinkit’s scalability to be lower than food delivery because it intends to limit its footprint to just 15 cities, according to analysts at Edelweiss in a note. 

The investments made by Zomato in Blinkit are deemed to be “quite large” by analysts at Kotak, especially given the possibility of future increases in investments owing to increased competition.

Therefore, it is now clear why Zomato is buying Blinkit. Analysts claim that the Deepinder Goyal-led food delivery business is constructing a long-term play by making the acquisition. “Food delivery revenue growth is slowing down. So how do you keep progressing? Since the grocery business is far more significant than the market for food delivery, quick commerce opens up a new industry.

According to Zomato, rapid commerce will eventually become a sizable source of consumer demand, at least in the major cities. “Grocery is the bait for a fast trade, but it goes beyond groceries. When announcing the deal last week, the company stated in a letter to shareholders that “Quick Commerce extends across numerous sectors, including beauty & personal care, electronics, OTC, Pharma, stationery, other gift products, etc.


A More Significant Proportion Of Consumer Wallet

The Blinkit acquisition gives Zomato new opportunities to increase its share of consumer spending. Atit Danak, partner and head of the CoNXT practice at Zinnov, asserts that there is a significant likelihood that customers who order food online will be receptive to rapid commerce. Simply put, consumers who subscribe to food delivery and quick commerce apps tend to have high disposable incomes and are willing to pay extra fees for convenience. Food establishments and grocers are frequently found next to one another, even in neighborhoods.

According to Rajat Tuli, partner at Kearney, an integrated app with embedded food and grocery segments can use delivery synergies. In actuality, Zomato intends to follow suit. The business states that it will “start experimenting with numerous concepts that we have and see which things yield fruit” after closing the transaction, including adding a Blinkit tab to the Zomato app.

Better Synergy During Difficult Circumstances 

Consolidation may help the delivery industry, in general, navigate the problem. “Over the past six months, the company’s economics has undergone a fundamental transformation due to rising gasoline costs and a shortage of delivery employees, increasing delivery expenses. As a result, customers are eventually paying more due to greater AOVs.

In addition, the number of deliveries per person has decreased as cities have become more open and traffic has returned to the highways. What used to take 10 minutes comfortably takes 15 to 17 minutes now. The only method to maintain speedier deliveries in terms of swift commerce would need the development of more dark stores, which requires CAPEX.


Blinkit will have 400 dark stores by May 2022, according to Akshant Goyal’s letter to shareholders. “Blinkit also closed down several non-scaling, unprofitable shady businesses. The losses have also diminished as a result of this. He said there were more than 450 dark stores in January 2022 but only about 400 in May 2022. In addition, he said that depending on their profitability, Zomato would increase the number of dark stores after purchasing Blinkit.

What is the Zomato Blinkit deal?

The business’s board of directors eventually approved the acquisition of an all-stock deal of Rs 4,448 crore to buy the speedy delivery platform last week, nearly a year after Zomato, an online food aggregator, planned to acquire Blinkit, a hyperlocal delivery company.

Zomato owns Blinkit?

To gain a piece of the quick commerce market, which analysts at Kotak Institutional Equities estimate can reach about 20,400 crores by FY2025 and 60,300 crore by FY2030, Zomato is forking over as much as 4,447 crores to acquire Blinkit (formerly Grofers) in a proposed all-stock deal.

Does Grofers resemble Blinkit?

In keeping with its goal to promote quick commerce, Grofers changed its brand name to Blinkit on December 13, 2021.

Who bought a Blinkit?

On June 24, Zomato notified the stock exchanges that its board had authorized the purchase of Blinkit for Rs 4,447 crore. However, the investors claimed that the delay had cost them money and that prompt disclosure would have given them more time to prepare.

Why has Blinkit replaced Grofers?

To better reflect its focus on India’s rapidly expanding quick commerce market, Grofers has changed its name to Blinkit. According to the business, a million orders are processed across 12 cities each week.

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