WWE News: Because of Brock Lesnar, the veteran was afraid of F5, recently made a big disclosure


WWE Raw recently segmented Brock Lesnar and Corey Graves. During this segment, Graves expected Brock Lesnar to hit him with an F-5. A WWE commentator compared the weight of Lesnar and Bobby Lashley before their WWE Championship bout at the Royal Rumble 2022. Graves had Lesnar weighed before he stepped aboard the machine. Some people were told to remove their garments. He said in a recent interview that after chatting with Lesnar, he had no idea what would happen to him next.

He explained that I had instructed Brock not to stand on the machine wearing such heavy shoes. I instantly began hoping that I would not be given the F-5 as soon as I said this term. I had no idea what the show was going to be like. Brock has a history of taking matters into his own hands.

The WWE Championship match, according to Corey Graves, will be unique.

Source:-Twitter account WWE

The only thing that has transpired so far in the buildup to Brock Lesnar’s first singles battle against Bobby Lashley is that Lesnar has made fun of Lashley. He also joked on a recent episode of Raw that he doesn’t know who Bobby Lashley is. After being relentlessly hyped by the public, Cory Graves is convinced that this battle will be extraordinary.

You’re talking about two gladiators, he said. In reality, when two major wrestlers compete for the WWE Championship, it creates a unique atmosphere.

WWE News: Because of Brock Lesnar, the veteran was afraid of F5, recently made a big disclosure

The two Superstars also faced off in a Fatal-5-Way match on WWE Day 1 earlier this month, but they have yet to compete in a singles bout. Lesnar may have won the bout on Day 1, but Lashley put in a strong showing. Everyone is looking forward to Royal Rumble 2022, and it will be exciting to watch who wins the WWE Championship between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. achieves success.


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