Wordle: How to play and everything else you need to know about

Wordle: How to play and everything else you need to know about!

Your guide to Wordle is here! Go through this article and by the end, you will be able to become a pro at Wordle!

Wordle is a web game developed by Josh Wardle. It was publicly released in October 2021 and since then has taken over the internet. The game involves guessing a word based on other words. It is free for everyone to play on the web.

The game was initially created by Wardle to be played by him and his partner. But after the huge response and love received by the audience, The New York Times Company purchased the game in January 2022. The game shifted on their website to be played as a daily puzzle. It even has the option to share the scores as an emoji grid on social media.

How to play Wordle Online?

Wordle is a fun and engaging game to play. But it can be tricky for first-time players. The players will get 6 chances to guess one word, the color of the word tiles will help you to guess the word. You can follow the steps mentioned below to understand the game:

Step 1- Visit the Official Wordle Website. 

Step 2- Type any 5-letter word and press enter.

If any word tile turns green, it will have the same place in the original word. If the word tiles turn yellow, it is present in the original word but the place is not exact. The tiles remaining are not included in the actual word.

Step 3- Keep entering different words and try to guess the original word. As soon as you guess it, the better.

Step 4- Either you guess the word, or you lose. Both ways you can share your score grid on social media. 

Wordle: How to play and everything else you need to know about

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How to find the Official Wordle Website?

Many fake websites were also built for this game which includes ads. Although Wardle doesn’t own the game anymore, he guaranteed the game to be completely free of ads and money. 

Currently, there are two Official Wordle Websites. One is owned by The New York Times that allows only one attempt per day. But users can visit another Wordle Website that has no limitation of attempts.

Wordle: How to play and everything else you need to know about
Wordle: How to play and everything else you need to know about
Official Wordle Website Links:

Wordle – The New York Times

Wordle Game – Play Unlimited 

What is a good score for Wordle?

To find out the perfect score for wordle, let’s first have a brief look into what Wordle score means.

For one game, the player gets 6 tries to guess the word. The emoji grid at the end shows how many blank tries you made and how many tries it took you to finally find the answer. Some guess it in their last attempt, some do it in their first, while some might even fail after all the attempts. So basically, the grid is your scorecard for the game.

A good score might be the one that took you lesser attempts to guess the word. Generally speaking, finding the word in your 3rd attempt might be said to be a good score. If you can think beyond anyone’s imagination, you might even guess the word in your first or second attempt.

Who knows what mysterious powers you got?

Can you fake Wordle scores?

Well, definitely! You can fake your Wordle scores. There are many ways to do so. And if you wish to flaunt your scores in front of your friends, we have two tricks for you:

  • Search on google. It is the easiest way to check the answer. You already know that you can play the game only once every day on the website owned by The New York Times. Well, you can check the answers posted by some of the users on different platforms with the same motive as yours.
  • Playing in two different browsers. This is another easy way to guess the answer on the first attempt – at least pretending to. Play the game for the first time on a different device or browser, you will know the answer by the end of the game. Then you just have to copy your answer on a different browser and there you go!

Although many players do this, their results are always suspected by fellow players. But hey! You still get to flaunt.

How to become a pro at Wordle?

The game is not very hard as it seems. You can practice on the website that allows unlimited attempts. You just need to guess some comment words and with time you will become used to guessing the right word. If it seems hard to do, you can follow some tricks and tips to guess the right answer fast. Without cheating!

Follow these tips to become a pro at Wordle:
  • The vowels A, E, I, O, U are very commonly used and other letters like N, R, S, and T are the most commonly used letters in a word. Use the words having these letters and most probably you will guess the correct word in your 3rd attempt.
  • Avoid using the letters that have already turned yellow. For example, If you used STARS and the letter “A” turned yellow, then you use BOOKS to guess the next word. This will help you to save your attempts.


Wordle is an interesting mind-game and can be played by people of any age group belonging to any part of the globe. You don’t even need separate software to play this game – just your regular browser. 

The game is very easy to play, you get a new challenge every day. With time it will improve your guessing and problem-solving skills as well. Learn and have fun at the same time! And yes, don’t forget to flaunt your scores with your online connections. 

How to play Wordle online for free?

Wordle is a browser game and is free to play. Just search Wordle on google. The Official Wordle Website links are given in the article as well.

What are the rules of Wordle?

Every player has to guess one word each day, he gets 6 chances to guess the correct answer.

How do I download Wordle?

Wordle is a web game. Hence, you don’t need to download this as there is no official app for this game. You can play it on the browser.

Can you use a letter twice in Wordle?

Yes, every word can be used more than once in the game.

What is a good starting word for Wordle?

Players are advised to use the words that have more vowels in them. For example, AUDIO, SEATS, ADIEU, and more.

Who invented Wordle?

Josh Wardle invented Wordle.

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