What Is The Secret Of Nykaa’s Successful Marketing?

What Is The Secret Of Nykaa’s Successful Marketing?

Ms. Falguni Nayar’s Nykaa, India’s first unicorn beauty e-commerce startup, has been in the limelight since it joined the billion league with a bang. Although competing in a highly competitive investment field, it has transformed the market.

Nykaa continues to grow its client base by targeting every demographic, including females, teenagers, working adults, influencers, and even giving men personalized care and style items, resulting in an excellent reputation. The business is not only concentrating its marketing efforts on central cities but is also targeting clients in many regions. Its well-crafted marketing strategy has been the secret to its accomplishment.

Furthermore, the organization offers a wealth of content, including product reviews, cosmetic how-to tutorials, specialist articles, and even an online beauty publication. The Nykaa hotline is designed to help clients choose personalized goods and services to their unique requirements. Nykaa PRO, a premium program that provides Nykaa app users with special access to professional beauty goods and promotions, was introduced in 2020.

How Does The Influencer Marketing Strategy By Nykaa Benefits In Better Customer Loyalty And Involvement?

What Is The Secret Of Nykaa's Successful Marketing?

Nykaa leveraged influencer marketing to generate awareness around the debut of their newest release, the Clay it Cool mask. The firm engaged with influencers with fewer than five lakh followers to create the buzz for their latest products and achieved an impact of much more than three million in days from a media price of Approximately 5-7 lakh. Long-term balance is the key to obtaining ROI from influencer marketing. Nykaa, the multichannel beauty, and personal care company, has always been steady in influencer marketing and establishing long-term collaborations with the influencers on board to gain consumers’ confidence and promote interest.

Nykaa has been exploiting social media networks to advertise its products, as seen by the extensive promotional plan that they have implemented in recent years. In addition, as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, the brand utilizes more influencers to market Nykaa Fashion.

Influencers are an essential part of the company’s marketing strategy since they aid in educating and assisting customers in making the best decisions for themselves. Influencer marketing is a tactic businesses use to advertise by collaborating with well-known people on social media, bloggers, and content creators.

Nykaa has different divisions:

  •  Nykaa Beauty 
  •  Nykaa Fashion.

Nykaa Beauty has approximately 1.3 million Instagram followers, while Nykaa Fashion has 7.95 lakh followers. Nykaa Beauty provides cosmetics, hygiene products, and haircare goods ranging from drugstore to luxury, while Nykaa Fashion sells garments and accessories for men and women.


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Collaborations With Influencers For Marketing Of Nykaa

When Katrina Kaif introduced her cosmetics brand Kay Beauty in association with Nykaa in 2019, the beauty shop invited Instagram vloggers and bloggers to the premiere and collaboration. Not only that, but the just finished Nykaa Pink Friday sale was heavily pushed by content producers from YouTube and Instagram influencers.

As a promotion tool for the products, Nykaa started their campaign ‘Beauty In Her Story.’ Nykaa would honor the fantastic stories of women, which will be brought to life by Netflix’s new movies like Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare, and the series Masaba Masaba.

Nykaa will bring out the brilliance in the tales of influential women who have unashamedly pursued their ambitions in conjunction with Netflix. Fashion designer Masaba Gupta has collaborated with Nykaa to produce a beauty collection. The collection is relatively tiny, consisting of 12 lipsticks and matching nail polishes. The package is made of recycled cardboard. The prints harken back to Masaba’s earlier fashion seasons, including cow patterns, palm prints, and firework prints.

Marketing Strategies By Nykaa

What Is The Secret Of Nykaa's Successful Marketing?

Nykaa is an inventory-based direct-to-consumer e-commerce company. The company maintains a supply of items that are obtained straight from manufacturers. They keep the things in their warehouses, serving as marketplaces for third-party sellers. Nykaa will be able to keep a tighter grip on its products due to this, supporting them in avoiding any potentially fraudulent items from entering the market. The articles are sold directly from Nykaa’s warehouses in New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Haryana, Kolkata, and Bengaluru.

1. Social Media Marketing

It has a solid online presence, with four accounts: My Nykaa, Nykaa beauty for advertising its e-commerce platform, Nykaa fashion for its e-commerce clothes shop, and Nykaa beauty book for providing beauty and makeup advice to the public.

2. Youtube Marketing

Nykaa has a comprehensive YouTube marketing plan in place. NykaaTV, the brand’s YouTube channel, focuses on providing accessible content to its target demographic, including beauty, personal care advice, cosmetic secrets, and much more, to connect with the audience. In addition, the company uses YouTube commercials to reach out to its clients.

3. Marketing By Innovative Content

Nykaa uses a content marketing tool as one of its most effective techniques for attracting customers by providing them with a selection of digestible content. Nykaa produces blogs about beauty, cosmetics, and personal care on its site, “Nykaa beauty book.” Additionally, the brand makes video content such as cosmetic tutorials, DIYs, and more. #WhatMakesYouBeautiful, #BreaktheHashtag, and Women’s Day promotions are all well-thought-out for the target population.

4. Influencer Marketing And Network Building

 Nykaa has used influencer marketing tactics to generate excitement for its forthcoming product launches. Because they raise buzz among customers, influencers are an essential part of a company’s marketing strategy. It worked with influencers with fewer than 5 lakh followers and reached more than three million followers in only a few days, resulting in a median value of Rs 5-7 lakh. Nykaa just announced Jhanvi Kapoor, a well-known Bollywood actress, as its brand ambassador and is reaching out to the most significant influencers in Delhi NCR.

5. Marketing Via Email

Nykaa has effectively harnessed the power of email marketing. The firm sends out emails to highly engaged customers as part of its promotional activities, including trending information that overviews current industry trends. These mailings also provide customers a sneak peek at upcoming promotions and encourage them to visit the online business. Their email marketing strategy has been a massive success with solid open rates, engagement rates, and conversion rates. In addition, it has met the objectives of Nykaa’s entire marketing plan.

Nykaa adopts what strategy?

Nykaa is a direct-to-consumer e-commerce firm with an inventory-based business model.

Nykaa has how many influencers?

There are 3,055 influencers. Nykaa has a network of 3,055 influencers as of August 31, 2021, including Generation Z trendsetters, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers, makeup artists, and celebrities that work intensively with the site.

How can social media marketing benefit Nykaa?

Image representation of Nykaa’s marketing approach and how it employs influencer marketing. The brand is offered on numerous social media platforms to promote the brand. In addition, Nykaa uses influencer marketing to reach out to its clients on social media channels. On its social media accounts, the firm also shares content generated by influencers in which they test out Nykaa’s goods.

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