What is Branding | Mistakes that can kill your Brand | Do’s and Don’ts of Branding 2022 | Marketing

This article helps you to understand about, What is Branding | Mistakes that can kill your Brand | Do’s and Don’ts of Branding 2022 | Marketing | Why Branding is considered to be important for a business.

What is Branding?

Branding is the strategy to build the identity of a product. Branding can give a product or service recognition, as it is the power that can turn your company from a local to a unicorn.

This process of creating an identity requires a lot of time and effort. There is research to be conducted, competitors to be identified, and expert professionals to consult.

Why Branding is considered to be important for a business?

The importance of branding lies in the fact that it not only makes an impression on consumers but helps customers and clients know what to expect from your company. It sets you apart from the competition and clarifies what makes you stand out.

What is Branding | Mistakes that can kill your Brand | Do's and Don'ts of Branding 2022 | Marketing
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Do’s and don’ts of Branding


1.Ignoring the power of social media

Neglecting the power of social media is a great sin any business can ever do to grow.

Social media can behave like a catalyst to boost a branded identity if used in the right way and with proper strategies.

Mistake while using social media-

-Many businesses don’t know how to use social media correctly.

-They can post anything which does not make a sense of providing some value like low graphic posts, unrelatable memes etc.

2.Not identifying the potential audience

Understanding your audience nice – not understanding what a customer expects from you is another blunder that can have negative effects on your brand growth.

3. Choosing outdated sources for promotion

Using wrong and outdated ways of promotion- while Investing  the money on promotion many businesses do not use strategy or don’t have a knowledge which is the right place to do promotions, proper research much we conducted prior to the promotion.

4. Providing Bad customer services

As we have observed as a consumer that many businesses provide excellent services or excellent products but their customer care or after services are not satisfactory which add a negative review on the consumer shopping experience.

Customer Care employees do not have a knowledge or experience. This knowledge wastes the time of the customer if the customer care team cannot solve a problem of the customer.

 Behaviour and personality of the customer care employees if the customer care employ didn’t have a proper personality and is behaving with the customer or not knowing how to deal with the problem of the customer, this will lead your business to lose your customer or increases the than your that customer will not visit you again. 

5. Neglecting the efforts of employees

If the business or boss /manager does not understand the value, that employers and interns are adding to build a brand identity.

businesses cannot be run by a person. To make a good brand value, it is very important to work in a team, if you provide value to our employees, they will be they will believe in you.

6. Do not opt for the Clumsy logo

A logo is the definition of your company. It plays a major role in what customers think about your company or services.

So the logo must not be big, beautiful, or full of design but it must be simple, good looking, unique and hard to copy by others.

logos of many companies can get easily copied or provide no value to the brand. So to build your brand identity it is very important to make your logo speak for you.


  1. Maintaining a standardized branding strategy

Outstanding style and details must be consistent throughout the organization. Using one logo or tagline shouldn’t be a divisional issue. When it comes to which logo to use and which one to discard, each department must be on the same page. Some managers might be in favour of a certain logo, while others might approve a different logo, but that doesn’t mean they are all allowed to use it. Be sure that everyone in the organization.

2. Do have a proper patent or license of your brand-

If you don’t have a proper license or any type of legal agreement your competitors can copy your idea or put you in any legal trouble. And it will take lots of time to build your image again and again with the same brand.

Take the example of the invention of the great scientist NIKOLA TESLA, Many of his inventions and experiments are stolen by his competitor scientists, which causes great loss to him.

3. Do have a consistency –

Business must focus on consistency to improve the brand identity. Consistency can help you to build the trust of your customer in your brand, and in business gaining consumer trust is an extra positive point that can improve your brand identity.

It can be best understood by the example of tech giant APPLE, which is consistent and focused on its design.

  1. Do manage both online and offline presence

As we have observed online shopping is the new trend of today’s era. Businesses must take advantage by selling their services and products online also which will help the businesses to expand the brand identity to national or international level. Many e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart are helping local businesses to sell their business online directly from an offline store.

The online presence of your brand also helps you to gain new customers.

What are the types of branding?

●     Personal Branding:- The importance of personal branding is particularly high for celebrities, politicians, and even digital marketers who want to maintain a positive public image (usually by being endorsed as it benefits their career).
●     Geographical Branding:- Geographic branding emphasizes the unique qualities of a particular area or region as the selling point of the destination to bring people there.
●     Product Branding:- The purpose of product branding is to correctly identify a product and differentiate it from other products in its category by combining messaging, design, and experience.

●     Online Branding:- This type of branding refers to how a company (or an individual) presents itself on the web. It may take the form of setting up a website, running a social media campaign, or publishing a blog.

How to make your brand Popular?

●     Target potential audience
●     Choose standardized Branding
●     Keep a hold on both online and offline sources
●     Choose a sound logo of your brand

How important is Branding?

Branding is an important aspect of business because it not only builds memory for consumers but also informs them about what they can expect from your company.
It helps you differentiate yourself from your competition and clarify what it is you offer that sets you apart from the others.

How to increase your brand value?

Gain visibility and brand awareness among the world’s largest professional community by targeting audiences based on job titles, functions, industries, companies, education, and interests.

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