MTV's Roadies is one of the longest running reality TV dramas. The 18th season of the show will be coming soon however there will be lot of changes.

Rannvijay Singha, who has been the core of Roadies for a long time, has chosen to discontinue the show.

Sonu Sood will be joining Roadies and will the host of Roadies 18. Recently Neha Dhupia stated who has been one of the team leader on the show has chosen to exit the show as well.

In one of the interviews, Neha Dhupia uncovered that she is not going to be a part of Roadies this year and ,surprisingly, uncovered why.

She was seen saying, "No, sadly, I'm not part of the current year's 'Roadies', things have changed and It's among us and the channel.''

Neha Dhupia has been related with Roadies for about 5 years now. Her battles with Prince Narula kept her in news many times.

I know Sonu is taking the position of Rann. He is an exceptionally dear companion also. I am sure he would work effectively, Neha said.