Web 3.0 is the Internet’s third interaction, which integrates data in a decentralized manner to provide a faster and more personalized manner.

It is made with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the semantic web, and it employs the blockchain security system to keep your data safe.

Web 3.0 is an idea for the internet’s next generation.  It’s the progression of users’ ability to govern and own  their online content, digital  assets, and online identities.

Web 3.0’s Advantages  include:

1. Improved marketing

2. more efficient Web browsing

3. Communication that  work

4. Change the way people interact

1.  Web 1.0 sites will  be even more out of date. 2.  Difficult for newbies to comprehend. 3.  Web 3.0 , inaccessible to  less advanced system. 4.  A privacy policy is needed.

Drawbacks of Web 3.0:

With time, the internet has evolved a lot. Beginning from being less interactive to being more immersive, the internet has been a game-changer for everyone.

The evolution of the web has not only changed the global business and cultural landscape but also has hugely influenced the lives to lead now.