Valentine is famous in India as well as across the world. Everywhere around the call this day as "day of love" in their own unique way.

Moreover, Japanese people thought a level higher and made a unique way for men, who don't have a valentine.

As the custom in Japan goes, it's normally the women who need to send chocolates to the person they like or want confess their love.

 On Valentine's day, Japanese men enthusiastically expect that chocolates should reach to their doorstep or any place they are, which is a sign of affection from that special lady.

Unfortunately, not every person has a valentine, and thus only one out of every odd Japanese man gets chocolates or some other gift on valentine's day.

This induced Japanese to resolve this problem. So they came up with the idea of starting the Valentine's Day Insurance!

Once the single men have taken this insurance policy, they’re guaranteed a pleasant experience by receiving a gift or a parcel on February 14th.