The Skippi Icepop brand was created to bring back memories of ice pops during school days. Skippi Ice Pops are among the fastest-selling products on online platforms and for their online store.

Founded in April 2021, the company claims to be India's first ice pop company with 100% natural flavors that use real ingredients.

The idea for Skippi was first born when Kabra was in Australia, intending to launch a food and beverage company in Australia. His initial plan was to start a popsicle company.

Skippi ice pops strives to produce products that are high-quality, clean, healthy and green. They strive to reduce or eliminate the use of artificial flavors and colours in every product they develop.

Skippi ice pops believe in the statement "If we cannot serve to our children confidently, we will never serve to our customers".

Anuja and Ravi's lives considerably changed after Shark Tank, as they received more orders, investors, distribution requests, and expanded their team.

Skippi Ice Pops created history on Shark Tank India when it raised Rs 10 million in a deal offered by all five investors.