Bollywood actor Siddhanth Kapoor consumed illegal drugs like cocaine and ganja, his medical report has revealed.

On Tuesday, the Halasuru police questioned the actor for around five hours, and he was asked to appear when summoned.

Police caught Siddhanth and four others from IBAR at The Park Hotel around Sunday midnight after they raided the hotel based on information that drugs are being used at a party.

The actor did not say who gave him the drugs or when he consumed them. Siddhanth and four others were granted station bail late on Monday night.

While the police quizzed him about the party, his role as a DJ and the source of the drugs he consumed, sources said Siddhanth told the police he must have consumed drinks laced with drugs.

Someone offered him a drink as he played music and someone else offered a cigarette, which he smoked as he drank what was offered. He did not know he was consuming drugs.

Siddhanth told reporters he had answered all the questions. “I have been cooperating. I have answered all the questions they asked. If they ever need me, I will come back.