Priyanka Chopra was one of the hosts at the pre-Oscar party held in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. She made a style statement in a black saree and gave an impressive speech as well.

She spoke about her journey, meeting Nick Jonas and the presence of South Asian figures in Hollywood at the party, organised to celebrate South Asian excellence in films.

Jay Shetty shared a video of Priyanka's speech on Instagram. Addressing the gathering, Priyanka said, "Each and everyone of you are here today because you are excellent in what you do.

I came ten years ago and started looking for work in America. " She spoke about how she was one of the very few brown people at a party.

“We went out there and met everyone else. But today, I am not someone else. Today, I stand amongst peers, amongst colleagues, amongst South Asian excellence.

Priyanka said, "Haven't been stepping out anywhere but had to come here tonight just to say this that I'm highly proud to be rubbing shoulders with all of you, to be encouraging you."

Jay Shetty's followers were also impressed by Priyanka's speech. A person said, "Her speech are so inspiring as always." Another wrote, “Amazing Pri Amazing Speech.”