Actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas and her better half, artist Nick Jonas, amazed their fans on Friday, when they reported that they have become parents to their first child by means of surrogacy.

After announcement,  a significant number of their fans have congratulated them in their social media.  Fans have found out an old video of their where Priyanka said that she and Nick are 'expecting'.

In Jonas Brothers Family Roast which debuted on Netflix in November. In it, Priyanka says, we're the only couple who doesn't have children yet, which is the reason I'm eager to make this declaration.

She also said, "Sorry, darling. Nick and I are expecting… " As the crowd began cheering, she added, "to get drunk tonight and sleep in tomorrow!"

Pointing at Nick, she told him, "Your face was truly interesting when I said that". To which the American artist answered, "Better believe it, I was a bit concerned."

Fans were conversing in the comments that, "Stand by so Priyanka's 'we're expecting' joke on Jonas Brothers Family Roast was NOT A JOKE?!?!"

Another fan remarked, "She was certainly completely serious when she said they were anticipating a child in Jonas Brothers Family Roast."