Gautam Adani, announced at the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Singapore that the company will invest more than $100 billion over the next ten years.

Adani further asserted that green hydrogen might help India eventually become a net exporter of energy.

Adani, indicated that up to 70% of this investment will go toward the energy transition space as he gradually revealed the group's new energy ambitions.

Over $100 billion will be invested by the organisation over the next ten years, with 70% going toward the energy transformation. 

 The group will also put $70 billion into a fully integrated, environmentally friendly hydrogen-based industrial chain.

The group's market valuation is presently over 260 billion dollars as a result of numerous acquisitions and diversification, growing more quickly than any other Indian corporation in history.

In the past year, Adani's fortune has increased by more than 116%, or Rs 5,88,500 crore, in absolute terms. the previous five years.