Mouni Roy has posted pictures from her honeymoon with Suraj Nambiar and likes to call it 'Sunmoon', referring to Suraj name's English meaning.

Mouni Roy and her husband Suraj Nambiar are on their honeymoon in the hills. The two got married last week and are right now spending their time in the snow.

Mouni shared a couple of pictures from their honeymoon and caption was, "Presently SunMooning!@nambiar13," referring to the English significance of her husband's name.

Mouni was in a beige sweater and Suraj in a colorful sweater as they are enjoying snowfall in Kashmir. Also, Mouni was in dark coat, with snow showering on her face.

Mouni shared few more photos of their cottage with the white snow-covered mountains in the background.

She was seen with a book in her hands and captioned the post, "What I see! what am perusing! #SunMooning."

Suraj additionally shared the pics on Instagram and captioned it, "27.01.2022 - Married my closest companion and my first love. Feel like the most fortunate man on earth."