IPL is the most exciting phase in the cricket world at the present time. Brands burn a lot of money to show their names in IPL matches each year.

The BCCI gain billions of dollars in income, the gigantic accomplishment of IPL has made it quite possibly the most esteemed game associations globally.

Mumbai Indians (MI) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are the two best teams in the association. These two groups have won 9 out of 14 IPL matches.

CSK is headed for turning into the first $1 billion sports team in India. It is also safe to assume the valuation of MI is close to $1 billion as well.

However, having near $1 billion dollar valuations and most stable balance sheet reports, MI and CSK are not the most profitable teams in the IPL.

Among all the teams, MI and CSK have the highest expenses due to their salary bill. It, in turn, affects their profit.

While a lower salary bill and expense has made RCB the most profitable team in IPL despite not winning the league once.