In recent episode, Karan was good to go to meet Tejasswi's parents and was likewise figuring out how to communicate in Marathi from Nishant.

Tejasswi's sibling Pratik was on the call, who said that her parents like Karan. After meeting Tejasswi's parents, Karan greeted them in Marathi.

Karan continues to question as to whether 'rishta is pakka' and to sit and drink with her dad if he says OK. Tejasswi’s dad said, ‘Yes, khamba kholenge.” 

Salman giggles and says, "Kya bewda jamai mila hai." Tejasswi parents giggle as it's been said yes by them for their relationship.

Salman Khan teasingly asks Tejasswi, "Are you not kidding?" Tejasswi giggles. Her parents want them to enjoy all that life has to offer for finale.

Contestants were thinking of a few decent and terrible things about one another on a plain white shirt with their names imprinted on it.

Karan wrote that he will see how things go on the flip side. Tejasswi sees it and later asked Karan about it. He told,  he referred to the rest of the world. Then they had an argument over it.