Wordle is a regular word game you can play online. It's interesting, simple and, similar to a crossword, must be played one time per day.

At regular intervals there's new word of the day, and it's dependent upon you to sort out what it is.

The game was made by a ex-software engineer from Reddit named Josh Wardle. He presented two cooperative social tests on the site called the Button and Place.

The game was at first evolved by the maker for his wife and later he named it Wordle as a game according to his last name.

Many of us don't know but Wordle offers optional level of complexity. Select "hard mode" in the game's settings by tapping on the "gear" symbol in the upper right corner.

Wordle does not make money. The game is free and has no promotions or ads. Wardle has said that he has no plans to incorporate income opportunities into the game.

Indeed, even the game's maker doesn't have any idea what word is coming next. Since Wordle chooses an irregular word consistently.