Mamaearth concerns about baby care, skincare, and haircare toxin-free products. This brand was led by a husband and wife duo Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh in 2016, today its valuation is $1.2B.

Let’s understand their 5 essential business techniques which helped them to grow and made a unique brand image amongst people.

1.Try to solve a problem- You shouldn’t only focus on ideas but also on problem-solving ideas, instead of just observing the problem, try to brainstorm ideas to grab the opportunity.

2.Create your USP– Mamaearth has their USP of producing toxin-free products and they promote themselves as ethical personal brands, this makes them stand out from its competitors.

3. Choose the right marketing technique– They correctly studied about their target audience which is millennials and used Digital marketing, blogs, Influencer marketing to spread awareness.

4. Expand into new categories– Mamaearth specialized in Baby care products but they gradually came in different categories like personal care products for adults, and today they produce 200+ products.

5. Increase availability– Make your products available as many places you can otherwise, if your product is not available at the right time then people might switch to other product.

In coming years, we will see how Mamaearth will make themselves stand apart from their competitor and what all strategies it will adopt to survive in the hussle.