What is edtech? Is Edtech is a scam which is the biggest edtech in India what are the problems with edtech is there is any dark side of edtech.

The positives of Education technology.

The first point is that edtech has made education accessible to everyone. Now students or people can access a lot of information from their phones.

Secondly, this technology has diminished the dominance of coaching mafias. And these coachings used to charge a hefty amount of money too. But this advancement made this easy.

Third, now education is becoming affordable. We have seen in nowadays we can find many educational contents online for free or for a very less amount.

The Edtech is having negative effects on education. There is a side where the advancement like Edtech is not a solution, but it becomes the means to generate problems.

The dark side of edtech

1.) Sales trap:- What these companies do is they make a sales trap for each of their potential customers.

2.) Misleading Marketing:- On one side these companies have a sales process going on with the full force and on the other hand, we can see the illogical ads or marketing campaigns from them.

So if new problems come from new solutions, then their solutions will come from these problems. And this gives a lot of hope for the future of Edtech.