Forbes Asia has released the second edition of the much coveted list of 100 start-up companies to watch out for.

Titled ‘Forbes Asia-100 to Watch’ the list this year has featured 11 companies from India.

According to Forbes, “15 countries and territories are represented across 11 categories that include biotechnology and healthcare, e-commerce and retail, and finance".

Forbes Asia 100 to Watch- Eligibility -Companies had to be headquartered in the Asia-Pacific region  -Privately owned, for profit 

-Have no more than $50 million in its latest annual revenue  -Have no more than $100 million in total funding through 1 August

Indian start-ups that made it to the list -TartanSense  -Pocket FM  -Park+  -Gramheet  -GoKwik  -FRND  -Euler Motors  -Bijnis  -Bijak  -Animall  -Agrostar 

The list features 11 companies from India along with 19 companies from Singapore, followed closely by 16 start-ups from Hong Kong, 15 from South Korea, and 13 from China.