Tesla might be caught up with making a completely self-driving framework, however CEO Elon Musk seems, to be contemplating the issues that independent driving would unavoidably present.

Musk  surrendered on Twitter that self-driving vehicles will unquestionably deteriorate traffic since individuals will never again encounter the actual strain of driving.

At first, the Tesla CEO reaffirmed that vanquishing traffic is a difficult test, alluding to it as "the ultimate boss battle."

"Because you won't experience the discomfort of driving yourself, self-driving cars will magnify traffic to absurd levels," Musk said.

Self-driving vehicles will make travel a lot more easier, and they will permit a lot of people who are currently unable to run a vehicle all alone.

This should prompt an expansion in the quantity of cars out and about, which, as Musk anticipated, would bring about more traffic.

While this is true that, self-driving vehicles will without a doubt be the quantity of "phantom traffic jams," which are one of the most annoying things that drivers face on the road.