Over a year after he was banned from practically every significant social media platform.  Donald Trump is set to launch social media application soon - Truth Social.

Weeks ahead of the new app’s expected release date  Trump started things off with posting: “Get ready! Your favourite president will see you soon.”

When Trump announced the application in October last year, he said that the point was to make an opponent for the Big Tech organizations like Facebook and Twitter.

Developed by the Trump Media & Technology Group, the platform says it seeks to promote open and free conversation.

The posts, which will be known as 'truths', resemble tweets, with buttons to answer, share and like. The application permits users to follow others and trending topics.

The Beta version of the application was delivered in December last year, with a couple of individuals granted early access.

The application was before intended to be delivered on February 21, the US Presidents Day, yet its send off was subsequently pushed to March.