Who doesn't know mukesh ambani, whatever is he today is not without his disciplines. let's understand few of his business lessons.

keep Investor's money safer than yours

People tends to believe Investor's money is a lottery prize but no, we should not forget the importance of it. Never hamper Investor's money.

 Take calculated risks

Its said that profits are reward of risks but we should keep in mind risks doesn't always reward you with profits. Take risk which you can bear later on.

Looks for opportunities, gaps and innovations

Mr.  Ambani never misses opportunity and finds his way to success. Look for gaps and room for innovation, the minute you figured out just get on it.

Know your worth

Mr. Mukesh Ambani never underestimated himself and is confident about his decisions. Today we all know his worth because he didn't let himself down.

Embrace your staffs first

People who are working for you, who are making your vision possible should be your priority. Respect them, don't burden them, it creates belongingness within the organisation.

Aim for high

Mr. Ambani keeps his mission and vision high and that is the primary reason why he is so successful. Aiming high will keep you motivated to work more.