Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 15 for five months now and he has seen drama, enmity, love, and some pure bonds of friendship. Here are top 5 fights of the season-

 1. They has heated moment in middle of the season when Karan almost ‘choke-slammed’ Pratik by snatching his neck and throwing him to the ground.

2. When Tejasswi said some nasty comments on Shamita and called her ‘aunty’. It did not go well with Shamita and Shamita called her insecure girlfriend.

3. When fight between Jay and Vishal broke out and Jay accused Vishal ‘fattu’ and ‘ghatiya aadmi’ who could not stay loyal to his sister Shamita.

4. Devoleena and Abhijit had pathetic fight over Abhijit making mean comments to Pratik and his family and devo reacted fiercely.

5. Umar and Pratik had physical fight and after this, Bigg Boss makers took matters seriously into consideration. Later, Umar got evicted due to this notorious fight.

The contestants crossed their limits and got into verbal and  physical fights. There are strong contestants this year and everybody has a high chance to win but let’s see who wins Bigg Boss 15.