Did you know that the countless hours that you spend shopping on Amazon can actually  make you money?

Yes. Amazon gives great discounts but it's possible to save money beyond just that. How? Swipe right to find out!

Amazon has an option called subscribe and save, which can help get a discount of 5-10% on everyday items. How does it work?

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Amazon's subscribe and save section has items ranging from toothpastes to printer ink, which you might need on a periodic basis.

You can add items on your subscribe list for periodic delivery, say every week or every three months. Adding one item on the list will get you a 5% discount on it.

You will also get free shipping on it. The best part is, if you add more than 3 items to the list, you get a 10% discount on them! And the free shipping still applies.

In addition to these discounts by Amazon, many sellers also offer more discounts if you subscribe to their product. You can also cancel your subscription anytime!