Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah founded Zomato, an India-based multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery service. Zomato's digital marketing strategy are-

1. Google ad strategy Running search advertising campaigns using Google Adwords, Zomato also targets keywords focusing on users who are interested in getting food delivered.

2. SEO strategy Zomato uses SEO strategy in full measure, most of its traffic (more than 66%) comes from online searches and that 99.44% is generated organically and rest are paid marketing campaigns.

3. Zomato's social media marketing strategy Zomato uses Google Adwords to promote its Search Ad Campaign. This campaign targets keywords relating to food, ordering online, and much more.

4. Paid Advertising Campaign Effective paid marketing combined with organic optimization improves search engine rankings greatly and Zomato is no exception!

5. Zomato's Email Marketing Strategy Zomato uses compelling subject lines to maintain brand loyalty, and a compelling call to action to conclude each email.

6. Zomato's content writing strategy Zomato understands its target audience, and uses humor, market trends, and even memes to highlight its brand offerings.