Umar Riaz’s eviction from ‘Bigg Boss 15’ and what he said about late Siddarth Shukla

After Umar Riaz’s eviction from ‘Bigg Boss 15,’ Sidharth Shukla fans brought up his tweet against the late actor during ‘Bigg Boss 13.’ During ‘Bigg Boss 13,’ Umar upheld his sibling and finalist, Asim Riaz, and said that Sidharth Shukla’s fierce behaviour towards Asim was exploitative. People drew an obvious conclusion and called Umar Riaz’s eviction as Karma.

Presently, Umar shed light on his reason behind his tweet to Bombay Times and said, I accept that I had said that Sidharth pushing Asim wasn’t right, yet I never said that he ought to be taken out from the show. At whatever point people asked me, I used to say that he ought to be given some punishment in the Bigg Boss house.

Indeed, even Umar Riaz’s eviction was named unfair, and there were tweets of ‘Public Winner Umar Riaz’ on Twitter. Umar was shown the exit door from the show for getting physical with Pratik Sahejpal and pushing him brutally during the undertaking. Umar was spotted by the media, he shared perspectives on his eviction. Simply kuch bolne ki zaroorat nahi hai… sabko pata hi hai ki kya hua hai. However, he conceded the public’s unconditional love by adding, Mai khushnaseeb hu bahut ki itna pyaar mila hai aap sab se. Mujhe lagta hai ki Allah ka reham hai aur aap sab ka pyaar hai.

What Asim said about Umar Riaz’s eviction

Indeed, even Asim Riaz shared his discontent on Umar Riaz’s eviction and said, Obviously out of line tha on the grounds that pehle bhi dhakka maar raha tha sab koi. I think a ton of people jo bhi the Bigg Boss me, sab ne ek dusre ko dhakka maara hai yet tab koi nahi nikala gya. Umar ne kiya aisa toh sadly usko nikaal diye.

Safeguarding his sibling’s activity, Asim added Umar ka toh dhakka kuch dikha bhi nahi, and the thing was woh impelled hua tha usse, fir uska response tha. Dil jeeta hai toh aur kya chahiye. Asim even alluded to his loss in the finale of ‘Bigg Boss 13’ this wasn’t the first time that decision was so biased.

Umar Riaz's eviction from 'Bigg Boss 15' and what he said about late Siddarth Shukla
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