The Eveil Reality Of Music Industry

The Eveil Reality Of Music Industry


Without question, there is evil in the music business. The fact is, every significant sector has its share of evil. Yes, legends are floating about the Illuminati, blood sacrifices, and mysterious abilities that are only available to the wealthy. However, no matter how deeply you delve into conspiracy theories, you will never be able to distinguish between facts and fiction. 

Is there a pervasive evil in the field, including cults and extraordinary demonic abilities? Perhaps, perhaps not. But let’s not ignore the more glaring wrongs that have plagued the music business for at least a few decades.

Money Hungry Labels

The Eveil Reality Of Music Industry

Major record companies are one of the most maligned entities in the music industry. As a musician or band, labels have the power to make your ambitions come true, but the reality is more likely to leave you with less creative freedom, more stress, and perhaps even debt.

While certain celebrities are allowed to flourish like the top performers on a label, most signed acts put in a lot of effort but receive nothing in return; your money, sentiments, and who you are as a person won’t matter much to labels because it’s all about their profits. Yes, they will treat you nicely, persuade you, and make you feel like family, but if you aren’t careful or simply unfortunate, you might easily get screwed over and left for dry.

Sexism In The Music Industry

The Eveil Reality Of Music Industry
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Every society has some level of sexism, and when it comes to musical entertainment, that level of sexism increases. When women perform as singers, rappers, dancers, and songwriters, they risk being perceived as disposable things. In labels or studios, you seldom see a woman in a position of authority. Women seeking significant opportunities are frequently expected to perform horrible tasks.

Women are not only treated negatively when they desire to pursue sexual liberation in their musical journeys but they are also perceived as inferior. It’s similar to how we are exploited and then judged when we are forcibly sexualized. When we incorporate our sexuality into our artistic expression, we face further discrimination and disdain. It resembles a lose-lose scenario.

The Music Industry’s Racism 

The Eveil Reality Of Music Industry

Good luck if you’re a black woman and both. While we continue to be viewed as inferior, black people have been taken advantage of, defrauded, and stolen their musical ideas for generations. Black people have to put forth twice as much effort to preserve a positive reputation in the field.

Drug abuse in the music industry 

The environments in which musicians and artists work frequently have a strong drug usage pull. Most artists manage to resist its allure to some extent, yet we are all aware of famous people who have overdosed fatally on substances like opioids, heroin, and alcohol.

These issues are primarily brought on by worry, anxiety, having too much money, and spending too much time in social settings. Because of the surplus cash, famous music artists are frequently too young to make wise decisions and don’t have a strong enough support structure around them. Many people who surround the most famous musicians are mostly there for their benefit rather than to provide them with reliable connections.

Pride Among People In The Successful Music Industry 

Pride can significantly impact people’s misogyny, racism, and materialistic tendencies in the music business. Key players or well-known performers may experience feelings of invincibility and superiority over those around them after reaching a certain level of accomplishment. Everyone can become a little bit less than before, but someone who was already evil can become evil.

The Music Business’s Shadow Side 

Rap music and all other types of music never really talk about the negative aspects of the music industry. You’ve probably heard the classic adage “sex, drugs, and rock and roll,” and while depending on the situation, none of those things are necessarily bad, we all know what it means. 

Simply put, many people find themselves in bed with; While working in the music industry, one can experience 

  • Despair
  • drug addiction
  • Rejection
  • bad mental health
  • and other harmful things. 

This industry isn’t always a bed of roses. Becoming entangled in the trappings of a fast-paced lifestyle can be pretty simple. Before you realize it, you’re too far in and finding it difficult to pull out. This is why it’s crucial to surround yourself with a group of people who care about you and can help you stay grounded. Additionally, it’s critical to realize your limitations, be genuine to yourself, and be honest with yourself.


Other challenges an artist may have in the music business include; financing their musical endeavors, their musical production, marketing and promotion, and their musical tours. 

All of these can be very expensive, and artists are frequently required to provide the funding themselves.

Because of this, artists must develop a strong relationship and foundation with their following. Making music independently requires much alone work, but astute musicians can take advantage of this. 

The music industry is continuously changing, so what works now might not work tomorrow. But if you’re versatile, flexible, and prepared to work hard, you can succeed in this field.

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