The Andrew Tate Scam’s Actual Methodology

The Andrew Tate Scam’s Actual Methodology

Tate, a former kickboxer and Big Brother participant, portrays himself as a self-help guru and advises on how to get rich and attract ladies to his predominantly male audience. But in recent weeks, he’s been dubbed “the scariest guy on the internet” by others. People are curious about Tate’s source of income because he claims to be the first trillionaire in history.


Andrew Tate is who he is. He is a businessman and former kickboxing champion who teaches an online course in “modern wealth creation” at his own “Hustler’s University.” He has suddenly shot to fame online for his cartoonishly misogynistic views, such as “women can’t drive,” “men can cheat but women can’t,” and “18-19-year-old women are more attractive than 25-year-olds because they’ve been through less dickish stuff.”

Tate, a self-help guru referred to by his followers as the “King of Toxic Masculinity,” has amassed a sizable following (and a consistent income) by instructing young men on how to get rich and approach women. The multi-millionaire has 3.5 million followers on Instagram under the handle @cobratate, and TikTok fan accounts that broadcast videos of Tate have piled up endless views. Videos of his appearances on other shows and podcasts have also amassed millions of views.


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Details About Andrew Tate

Full NameEmory Andrew Tate III
Born   December 14, 1986 (age 35) Washington, D.C., U.S.
NationalityBritish American
Martial Arts Career DivisionLight heavyweight
TeamStorm Gym

Emory Andrew Tate III, an American-British born on December 14, 1986, is a commentator for the Romanian MMA competition Real Xtreme Fighting. He is a multi-time world champion professional fighter. Former professional kickboxer and online sensation. Tate started selling premium memberships and courses through his website after retiring from kickboxing, and he eventually became well-known after switching to influencer marketing.

However, Tate has been banned from multiple venues due to her sexist statements on social media. When men buy “sob stories,” Tate and his brother Tristan’s webcam business utilizes ladies to entice them into parting with their money. According to reports, they earn millions from what they call a “complete swindle.”

According to reports, their company employs 75 models who answer calls from customers who pay $4 per minute. Customers may even pay extra tips and request private performances.

Hustlers University’s Course By Andrew Tate

Tate makes the most of his money teaching a Hustlers University course, but the program is a Ponzi scam. For a $49 monthly membership, fans may enroll and learn from Tate how to succeed as alpha and generate money. They are given a link to join up as an affiliate and are then urged to tell their friends about it.

They will receive 50% of the sign-up fee if they are successful in convincing someone to sign up using their unique link. The course had roughly 80,000 pupils as of July, and according to reports, Andrew Tate and the other program lecturers split $4 million per month. The university, according to him, is worth more than $300 million.

The Controversy-Prone Life Of Andrew Tate

On all major platforms, Andrew Tate is a hot topic of discussion. Major producers have discussed Tate or invited him to appear on their podcasts and live streams, frequently in an effort to refute his blatantly bigoted views on women and contemporary masculinity. Online forums for teachers are debating how to deal with pupils who have been inspired by him.

Tate, 35, continues to gain popularity in large part because of his extreme statements, such as his comparison of women to property, his graphic description of how he would respond to a woman who accused him of cheating, and his assertion that men prefer to date women in their mid-20s over younger ones because the latter has had sex with fewer men. According to Tate, guys can “make an imprint” on youngsters because they have less dating experience.

In a statement issued in the middle of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, Tate further said that women must take personal responsibility for being sexually attacked. Along with his whole Twitter account, @cobratate, which has been indefinitely suspended from Twitter, that tweet thread has also been removed. Tate is now being investigated by Romanian authorities for people trafficking as of this writing.

A Money-Making Scheme at Hustler University

Hustler’s University 2.0 is described as “a community where [Tate] and hundreds of War Room troops will educate Everyone precisely how to generate money” on its website for the reasonable sum of $50. The website claims that Hustler’s University has more than 127,000 paying members and generates a monthly profit of $6.3 million.

“Stock analysis, options plays, cryptanalysis, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), E-commerce, copywriting, freelancing, flipping, financial planning, business management, and more” are all purportedly available through the school. According to a claim made on July 22 by @Benleavitt, a Tik Tok user, Tate Hustler’s University is essentially an MLM for “sigma males.”

In the video, he talked about Tate’s training programs and the dynamics of his company, including the affiliate referral program and workflow for members who take advantage of Hustler’s University’s “opportunity.” Tate’s recent spate of acrimonious appearances on well-known Twitch broadcasts, which were subsequently elevated to notoriety by footage that spread on TikTok, is primarily responsible for his recent viral renown.

In a series of disagreements with Twitch broadcaster xQc, while performing alongside well-known streamer Adin Ross, he made offensive comments about practically owning women. According to Benleavitt, accounts that share Tate’s videos on social media typically have an affiliate marketer link, which may earn 50% of the revenue generated by customers they promote to the program.

Therefore, if you search Hustler’s University on YouTube, you’ll discover many videos evaluating the course, but it seems that most of these YouTube users are uploading these for financial gain.

Banned From Social Media

Tate was expelled from Facebook and Instagram in August 2022 for breaking both platforms’ rules against hate speech and harmful groups and people. Thirteen billion people have seen videos on TikTok using his name as a hashtag, and they first deleted one account connected to him, claiming they would look into it further, before deleting his main account after deciding it was against their rules.

Soon after, Tate’s Twitch channel was terminated, and shortly after that, YouTube also stopped his channel. Tate addressed the restrictions in a video uploaded to YouTube on a different account, claiming that while most of his remarks were misconstrued, he is accountable for how they were perceived.


There is no denying the damaging effects Tate’s recordings have had on society, despite his continued claims that his sexist ideas are “an act.” Tate’s online presence has exposed a disturbing amount of toxic masculinity due to his fanbase, which is supposed to be “95 percent” male and includes a sizable proportion of youths between the ages of 16 and 25.

Tate’s name was searched for on Google more frequently than Kim Kardashian’s or Donald Trump’s in the previous month. Although his own TikTok has been permanently blocked, videos with his provocative views are frequently submitted by supporters and receive millions of views.

What is Andrew Tate’s source of income?

●        Tate and his brother Tristan reportedly made their riches running the pornographic webcam company “myfreecams.”

What led Andrew Tate to leave?

●        Most of the leading social media sites have banned Andrew Tate because of violations of their prohibitions on violent speech in reaction to his current barrage of press coverage.

Where is Andrew Tate originally from?

●        Chicago, Illinois, United States

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