Tata Voltas Marketing Strategy: Remarkable Excellence in the AC Market

Tata Voltas Marketing Strategy: Remarkable Excellence in the AC Market

Voltas earned the distinction of “India’s No.1 air conditioning firm” by no accident. The organization has a comprehensive marketing plan that allows them to nourish its consumer base and outperform its competitors’ sales numbers.

Voltas led the domestic AC market with a 40% share from 1954 to 1992. Most foreign competitors were low, making the game smoother for this domestic brand. Voltas had to battle against players such as Blue Star, Fedders Loyd, and Acro.

Despite being tiny and unorganized, the sector could capture significant profit margins. However, when American air conditioning company Carrier entered the Indian market in 1993, black clouds began to gather around the brand.

A new line of air conditioners from Carrier, with cutting-edge design and technology, called Voltas. The Voltas marketing strategy assists in the brand’s/competitive Company’s positioning in the market and accomplishing its corporate goals & objectives.


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About Tata Voltas A/C

NameVoltas Limited.
IndustryHome Appliances, Electronics
Founded1954; 68 Years Ago
HeadquartersMumbai, India
Area ServedWorldwide
Parent GroupTata

Voltas Limited is an Indian multinational corporation that works in various economic sectors and is the market leader in the air conditioner industry in India. It was founded in 1954 as part of the ever-popular corporate behemoth, the Tata Group, and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

In India, the firm is well known for selling air conditioners. It does, however, engage in several business categories, including :

  • Cooling & Refrigeration
  • Home Appliances
  •  Textile Machinery
  • Mining and Construction Equipment.

Voltas has always been a forward-thinking corporation that has never shied away from new ideas. Because of its outstanding research and development capabilities, it has introduced novel goods to the market and contributed significantly to the growth of the air conditioner industry (R&D) facilities.

Voltas Business Plan and Approach Strategy

Voltas, as we now know, is a giant firm that operates in various business categories and offers a diverse range of goods. These items are aimed at different markets in India and even internationally. The business advertises and sells a wide range of goods and services to individuals from all walks of life. Voltas has you covered for domestic appliances, business items like air conditioners, and industrial items like compressors and welders.

To produce technologically innovative and aesthetically-pleasing air conditioners while maintaining affordable production costs, Voltas and American Fedders International formed a joint venture in 2001. Voltas had access to the Fedders R&D facilities in Singapore and Florida.

As a result, it could learn about brand-new product variations, marketing, launch tactics, etc. Later generations of Voltas included new features, including purifying filters, ionizers, electricity-saving modes, etc. As a result, the business improved its ability to compete with solid overseas firms.

The 1.5 tonne AC, which became a standard item on the market, was one of more than 70 product lines Voltas introduced between 2001 and 2004. Due to its worldwide sourcing, Voltas may become the lowest-cost producer in India. Fedders found all AC parts, including copper tubes and compressors, at reasonable prices.

Sales of the Voltas AC increased in 2005 as a result of a 20 percent decrease in window AC prices. Since 2001, Voltas has concentrated on keeping a dealer-friendly policy in place. It fired the underperforming dealers and encouraged the achievers by extending loans and other incentives.

Voltas’s Pricing Strategy

Regarding Voltas’ price approach, they have somehow succeeded in producing a product that is neither costly nor inexpensive. For current clients, the price structure provides a better value. They have been stealing loyal clients from other firms who weren’t happy with their goods or services. Since 2012, it has been the uncontested leader in the AC sector because of its ability to provide higher-quality goods at lower prices than its rivals. They have built a business that meets demands in terms of pricing, quality, and services.

Different Market Approach By Voltas

A company tells customers about its advantages through its marketing strategy. It explains the Company’s goals, the goods or services it provides, and how the benefits will help customers. Making precise statements about what it offers is frequently how a company markets itself. Any firm needs marketing to flourish; without it, business, as usual, is unlikely to be successful.

To engage with and reach its current and future clients, Voltas use both conventional and digital marketing strategies. Its traditional marketing strategy has been behind some of the most well-known advertising campaigns.

Sales Promotion Techniques

To stay relevant in customers’ eyes, the firm promotes its products and services using both online and offline channels. Its key offline marketing channels are newspaper and television commercials, while its primary digital route is social media.

Voltas began Promotions That needed to be redesigned. Features such as consistent cooling, air filters, and an energy-saving mode. The commercials increased household penetration, which was just 2% at the time, indicating a large room for development. Voltas spent around Rs 50 crores on brand revitalization and Rs 17 crores on marketing. All of this was done to enhance the Company’s market share and reach more people.

  1. Gain Feedback From Customers: Voltas began focusing on in-depth market research and understanding consumer expectations. The advertisement depicted a retired couple who were apprehensive about using the AC supplied by their son but eventually enjoyed the coolness of the AC thanks to its low power use.
  1. Introduction Of All Weather A/C: Voltas developed an improved version of the All-Weather AC with intelligent features, and this campaign was created to advertise it. This campaign was an outgrowth of the previously described All-Weather AC campaign, although it had its plot.
  1. Appointed Celebs For Greater Reach: The “ACs with Intelligence” campaign grabbed traction among the general public, celebrities such as Shah Rukh Khan championed the brand, and it was an instant hit. By 2006, Voltas’ image had evolved to “India ka AC,” aimed toward the “aam admi.”


Voltas has enhanced its global leadership in Room Air Conditioners, with a nearly 26 percent market share. In addition, the Company has launched new locations in Tier II and Tier III cities. This year, it intends to increase its distribution reach and market share across all demographic strata and enhance its leading position in urban and semi-urban regions.

How has Voltas effectively implemented the marketing concept?

●        Voltas devised a Big Bang approach that assisted them in revamping their product line, marketing strategies, brand promotions, expenses, and so on.

Is Voltas AC manufactured by Tata?

●        Voltas Limited is a subsidiary of the Tata Group and offers Air Conditioners, Air Coolers, and Water.

Who is the owner of Voltas company?

●        The Tata Group

Is Voltas AC reliable?

●        They provide immediate cooling even when temperatures reach 50 degrees Celsius and aid in regulating interior humidity during the rainy season.

Is Voltas a multinational corporation?

●        Voltas is India’s leading room air conditioner brand, with more than 24% market share. The Company, founded in 1954, is well known internationally as a provider of engineering solutions and a project specialist.

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