Sriya Lenka was the only Indian to go to the second stage of the audition, which included 23 girls from all over the world.

Sriya Lenka is an Indian girl on her way to becoming a kpop artist

Sherya Lenka a girl from Odisha has begun her journey to become the first-ever Indian KPop artiste, as the Korean pop wave sweeps the world. This is good news for melody lovers in India. Sriya Lenka, an 18-year-old Odisha girl, is a trainee artiste at Korean music firm DR Music Entertainment, with a Brazilian apprentice Gabriela Dalcin, following the KPop dream of millions.

The two adolescents will compete for a spot in Blackswan, a well-known K-Pop female group from South Korea.

Sriya Lenka, an Odisha girl, is on her way to becoming India's first-ever KPop artist.

The girls have been in South Korea since December 2021, according to DR Music Entertainment’s official announcement. Both are now undertaking basic practice regimens as well as language study in preparation for the final stage of the audition process, in which they must demonstrate their eligibility to debut as a KPop singer.

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The evaluations will be based on their ability to become a KPop artists, as well as their personality and attributes. Furthermore, the label’s courses for the trainees will be documented and broadcast on the (music label’s) official YouTube channel, according to DR Music Entertainment’s statement.

The global audition process for the Blackswan KPop group began in June 2021, however it was put on hold owing to the pandemic crisis. Following the departure of Home, a Korean star, after her contract expired, over 4000 people applied to fill the one available spot in the 5-member pop music group.

Sriya Lenka, an Odia girl, was the only Indian to go to the second stage of the audition, which included 23 girls from all over the world. She also advanced to the second round, making her the only Asian among the top four competitors (the others being from Brazil, the United States, and Australia).

The third and final round is presently taking place in South Korea, after being postponed due to Covid-19. With the other two finalists unable to travel to Korea due to the pandemic, Sriya and the Brazilian trainee are slugging it out for the coveted position.


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