Spotify vs Apple Music vs YouTube Music, who will win?

Spotify is the foremost sure-fire audio streaming platform within the world. Even throughout the pandemic, the stock worth of Spotify went up by 70%. Now on the skin, if you investigate the numbers, while Apple Music has solely 72 million users,Spotify has over 345 million users and also the remainder of the competition isn’t even close. Moreover, its recommendation and listing are so wonderful that you’ll agree that it’s given you improbable expertise every single time. Luckily or unluckily, in 2021, Spotify is in deep trouble.

While on one facet the losses of the corporate are stacking up space, on the opposite side with the giants coming into the streaming market, Spotify is formal during a business war and what we tend to be witnessing at once is probably one among the foremost fascinating web business wars in history. If you pay very close attention you’ll be ready to learn some unbelievable business lessons that you just will apply to your startup and most importantly, as an investor, if you’re investing in United States of America stocks, this streaming war is going to be very crucial.

The music streaming revolution of the planet started method back within the Nineties. Earlier from 1984 to 1999 CDs were the final word instrument of the music industry. The distribution channels of the music CDs created the record labels and musicians billions of bucks every single year. However, in the 1990s the web and also the laptop revolution began to select up leading to huge penetration of both, computers and the web, into the yank household. This can be a fine result of technology and property, and each time this golden combination happens, it offers rise to a replacement generation of startups.

In the music industry, the corporate referred to as Napster, that was started in 1999 by Ted Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker. Precisely, Napster was nothing however, a music torrent, rather than shopping for a CD for twenty bucks you’ll transfer an MP3 file at no cost and share it along with your friends. This invention was an interruption within the creation as a result of what followed next was the primary wave of music streaming. This wave didn’t simply amend the way individuals hear music, it virtually modified the complete music industry. Among a couple of months, it had 4million song downloads and in under a year, Napster had 20 million users. 

Initially, individuals thought that it’s no massive deal. Eventually, the numbers of Napster exploded further, to sixty millions users by 2001. This is often once the record labels began to appreciate that their stores are incurring losses, and after they really computed it dismayed them to check that they were incurring over $100 million in losses. They got mistreated with heaps of lawsuits and what followed next was the historic suit that led Napster to pay legion bucks to artists, creators and record label corporations eventually that they had to finish off their operation.

Whereas the public thought that piracy is going to be gone, CDs will be back because it turns out, Napster left the market, however the activity style of the society had been so powerfully altered that individuals simply didn’t return to CDs at all. The CD stores were still closing down, and alternative piracy websites took the place of Napster. Corporations were still acquiring millions of dollars of losses as a result of people simply wouldn’t pay $20 for an album. This is when record labels were urgently looking for another to truly get their marketing back on track.

Thereafter when all of this drama was going on, there was one man who detected this and determined to become an opportunist throughout the days of chaos, this man was legendary Steve Jobs himself and also the resolution that he delivered to the table was to allow individuals radical low cost music and to give record labels a non-piratable distribution channel for his or her music. This solution was none other than the iconic iPod, and also the rest is history.

The record labels once more began to build billions of bucks. Associated customers fell infatuated with the iPod because it brought on the second wave of music streaming revolution. But, there have been 2 major issues over here. One, not everybody closely-held an iPod or a MacBook and number two, not everyone might acquire every album; however everyone had computers and the Internet. 

This end result of technology and connectivity, again, gave rise to a different generation of startups and the most triple-crown player during this section claimed to be not safe for Spotify that started  back in 2006.

Spotify learned from the pains of the purchasers and determined to make a music streaming platform that would be employed by everybody and will be used by everyone at no cost and this is often wherever Spotify deploys its freemium model with a choice to subscribe, but now as a result of they knew what happened to Napster and also the subscription model was far more complicated than the distinct model of iTunes because once it involves CDs or iTunes, it was pretty straightforward if you buy a $1 album from iTunes 80% of that goes to record labels and 20% of that’s intermediary fees and that’s it.

Henceforth within the case of subscription, it’s quite troublesome if you’re giving unlimited access to everybody for an outlined fee. So, the revenue distribution itself becomes terribly complex. However as luck would have it the Spotify guys got through it and that they spent about $9.8 billion dollars between 2006 and 2018 simply to induce the music rights while not legal problems, and they designed the freemium model to make music accessible to everyone. What followed next was the third wave of music streaming, that is, unlimited legal music that might be listened to for free.

As a result of which, once more, Spotify exploded and these days it’s a market leader with the best variety of paid subscribers. However again there have been three concerns;

1. Ad revenue wasn’t enough to pay the artists well and since the music is free, only a few individuals really opted in for a certain subscription.

2. There was no profit for Spotify, of course the corporation suffered huge losses throughout its rise.

3. Things got very ugly with the artists. Taylor Swift and Adele were fed up with Spotify over low pay, once more to a  series of troubles for them from the creators’ aspect.

Now, the corporation was badly cornered with huge losses on one side, irritated artists on the opposite and on prime of that they’ve currently got freebies to warn customers. This gave them no choice but to run heaps of ads to push their customers to shop for Spotify Premium and then a lot of interruptions. This led, two more giants determined to step into the game.

In 2015, Apple declared that it intended to kill iTunes and launch the subscription model that was Apple Music as direct competition to Spotify. In only five months, in Gregorian calendar month 2015, YouTube entered the streaming wars with YouTube Music.

Moreover, if you observe this streaming war terribly closely, each of these services, that is, Apple Music and YouTube Music are designed over the weaknesses of Spotify, with just a couple of moves here and there Spotify might be killed and there could be another wave of social media revolution on YouTube. The question is- however, is that even possible? If you scrutinize this table, Apple Music deploys a premium model and it’s just for Apple users whereas Spotify and YouTube Music is for everybody and they use the freemium model which supplies them a wider audience.

Apple has 1.65 billion users, Spotify has 345 million users and YouTube, well it’s got 2.1 billion users. Once it involves paid subscription, Spotify is far prior to Apple owing to its accessibility through each android and Apple. Whereas Apple Music has solely 72million users but all of them are paid, Spotify has 345 million users out of that 155 million of them pay.

Now, the X issue for Spotify up here is its superb playlists and podcasts that are integrated into the app. This is when we have a tendency to see Spotify taking off with Spotify Originals like twenty-two yarns and sign language up creators like Joe Rogan to become Spotify exclusive. Apple and YouTube each even have their podcast but separately YouTube has Google Podcasts and Apple has Apple Podcasts.

Here comes the large difference, while Apple Music generates a revenue of $4.1 billion with terribly fewer profits as a result of it’s simply a scheme product Spotify being a standalone incurred a loss of $698 million in spite of generating a revenue of $9.2 billion. And YouTube? Well, it’ manner prior to the sport with $19.7 billion bucks in revenue and this is frequently be primarily owing to its’ video service.

Each single creator is aware that YouTube is far and away the simplest platform for making content. Users understand already, well YouTube understands them and their preferences. Now, if YouTube rolls out an update tomorrow, spoken language that Google Podcasts is currently integrated into YouTube as YouTube podcasts. Does one understand what’s going to happen? It’s going to cause another large wave of creators who can flock to transfer their audio content on YouTube as a result of there are already plenty of audio creators who are urgently desirous to air YouTube.

If given an opportunity with the YouTube algorithm, it’s going to be a game changer for them. The simplest half is, because it’s on the market on each android and iOS, the user base is insanely huge. So, essentially, YouTube virtually has the best of both Spotify and Apple. Once integrated together, it’ll become unbeatable within the content house, rather like Instagram is true currently for social media networks. Sooner or later, there’ll be a grand announcement that intends to amend everything for Spotify.


  • Being the primary mover can generally be a terrible factor. It’s better to be a second mover in order that you’ll turn on the mistakes created by the first mover. During this case, iTunes designed over Napster, Spotify built over iTunes associated Apple Music and YouTube music designed over Spotify. So, if you’re the primary mover, you must be terribly careful and if you’re the second mover you must be very happy, at constant time, be sharp concerning the mistakes that are created by the first mover.
  • Corporations would possibly return and go, however the activity style they leave behind can keep forever. During this case, it absolutely was the paradigm shift from CDs to streaming. So, whilst  the public will neglect it and check out to reverse it, you as a businessperson will be an opportunist and might achieve an answer that is forward looking instead of backward looking. During this case the opportunist was the legendary Steve Jobs himself who designed upon the activity style left behind by Napster.

The end result of chronology and property is usually the sweet spot for innovation, and it’ll make the foremost revolutionary startups. During this case, it absolutely was the computers and also the net but within the next three years it’ attending to be the inexperienced tech and the net, blockchain and the Internet and most significantly Artificial intelligence and also the Internet. And this is often wherever you’ll notice your greatness to make an unbelievable company or as a capitalist find a rising gem within the stock market.

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