Social media platforms growing more than ever

Popular social media platform’s growth is proving a goldmine for most brands and content creators

Social media space is growing so rapidly especially amongst the younger generation. Recent reports shows that over 624 million Indians are on social media, which rounds 45% of country’s population. This is definitely beneficial for the brands and marketers to use these platforms to the fullest. Popular social media platforms has been evolving into a huge market place, thereafter it brings enormous opportunities as well for the content creators, brands, and so on.

When Tiktok was banned from India, various popular social media platforms like Reels on Instagram, YouTube shorts on YouTube, MX TakaTak, Moj soon took over. These have been changing the map of social media and taking it to gigantic heights. Now its just not merely about followers or content but also about user experience.

Few changes that Instagram and YouTube integrated i.e., Instagram provided a feature where users can literally hide the numbers of likes while YouTube leveraged its creators to hide the dislike button. In order to diminish the hate which is spreading across the social media, this was the primary reason behind taking this action.

If a brand wants to create awareness among people then the popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook YouTube are some of the best ones to go for through influencer marketing. Audience generally prefers the contents which is more popular or viral over content which can bring some values. Creating value content doesn’t gain attraction to the people especially in India.

This circumstance give rise to a question! By hiding the numbers of likes on Instagram and dislike button YouTube will create hindrance for the brands to view the metrics and review the results of their campaign?

Leveraging video content

Experts says, actions are taken to reduces the negativity and make social media platforms a better place for the user. Talking about the metrics then there are several other areas from where a marketer can dig into it. Every popular social media platforms are promoting more video content more likely short videos. These days people don’t have much patience to see long content. Thereafter, that’s the main reason why creators and brands are switching into short video content.

Brands like Myntra, Mama Earth, Nykaa, Netflix have been consistently under the umbrella of influencer marketing. It is pretty much evident that it’s totally working for them. Basically, a mutually benefited relationship between the brand and creators is the influencer marketing.

In coming years this seems to be taking over the digital market place.

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