Sidemen 9 year evolution facts, age, biography, Wikipedia, social media accounts 2022

Sidemen quick facts

Personal information
OriginLondon, United Kingdom

YouTube information

Created byOlajide “KSI” OlatunjiSimon “Miniminter” MinterJoshua “Zerkaa” BradleyTobit “TBJZL” BrownEthan “Behzinga” PayneVikram “Vikkstar123” Barn
Years active2013–present
Subscribers130.9 million (combined)
Total views33.9 billion (combined)
NetworkOmnia Media OP Talent
Associated ChannelKSI
JJ Olatunji

Creator Awards

YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg100,000 subscribers2016, 2018, 2020, 2021
YouTube Gold Play Button 2.svg1,000,000 subscribers2016, 2018, 2020, 2021
YouTube Diamond Play Button.svg10,000,000 subscribers2020

The 9-year Evolution Of the Sidemen

Sidemen facts, age, biography, Wikipedia, social media accounts 2022

A group of seven friends came together on youtube to create a group that would be of historical significance on YouTube history on the 19th of October 2013.

In the beginning, the group had no fame, and the name and their name represented nothing but a group of friends playing GTA 5.

However, the potential of the group was unbounded, they had nothing at that time but they can become anything that they could dream of. Sidemen group was made by combining the skills and intelligence of seven creators.

The ultimate Sidemen ended up becoming a group consisting of seven members


But at the beginning of early 2013, the name sidemen represented very little on the YouTube platform and each creator was simply doing their own thing with individual channels of substantial size. How were the creators were certainly already known to each other Ksi and Miniminter had both attended the same school and therefore had made various videos together in the past while Zerka and Tbjzl had also attended the same school leading to a similar scenario?

The other three members that would eventually join the Sidemen Behzinga, Wroetshaw, and Vikstar123 had met the other for creators in the past through YouTube and other scenarios and considered in each of these individuals are having their own personal YouTube channel they will begin to make videos and playing together with such as GTA 5.

And with such uploads as GTA 5 online group fun with Zerka, Tobi, Ksi, Benzinga. We can say that the Skeleton of a YouTube group beginning to form.

These collaboration videos between each member would lead up to the release of GTA crews in 2013 October. At which point Ethan a.k.a Behzinga would go and create a GTA group under the name of the ultimate sidemen.

The point which each member considered to be the official beginning of the group.

Sidemen describes a person who copies everything his or her friend does and is subordinate to the boss of the group. When the sidemen group was first created KSI was the biggest YouTuber of the seven having around 4 million subscribers. And the name of the group began as a joke that each member was a sideman of Ksi. Being subordinate and copying him as he was the biggest out of every creator.

However, we have to mention at the time the ultimate Sidemen Gta crew was found far from The Sidemen YouTube channel. They were still just a bunch of individual YouTubers playing games together. Regardless the group certainly began to build up some YouTube notoriety as the Sidemen. And Moving into the house together which they nicknamed the sidemen house. And they also began the sidemen clothing company on the 30th of December 2014.

This was all in conjunction with numerous sidemen group-style videos on individual channels such as the crossbar channel posted on the KSI channel. And the Sidemen patience test was posted on Miniminter’s channel.

The problem however was that the group didn’t have its own YouTube channel possibly going to the difficulty in trying to set up a channel with 7 different creators.

But soon this would change after Ksi witnessed the success of KYC speedy ‘s gaming group. And decided to make the official channel for the group.

After an assumed planning period of around 6 months, the official sidemen channel was created on the 16th of May 2016.

The seven creators involved in the project had a combined total of 30 million subscribers at that time. Sidemen channel got its initial boost from the shout-out from each member of the group. And this turned out to be great for the sidemen channel, within only three days the sidemen had passed a million subscribers which at the time also gave them a record for the fastest YouTube channel to ever reach the seven-figure milestone.

After two weeks the sidemen posted their first video and each upload to follow begin to rack up on absolute insane view count.

Only six months after launching the sidemen channel they had also returned their book which they would promote on a tour. They also created their football team called Sidemen Football Club. And racked up 1.8 million subscribers. But while the launch of the sidemen was the strongest in youtube channel history perhaps it was a little too strong as it wouldn’t be long before problems would begin to pop up here and there for the members of the sidemen channel.

In August 2017 a little over one year after the sidemen began posting videos together. KSI the most popular creator would leave the group posting a video on a channel titled I am leaving the sidemen.

Also claimed that his departure was because of another member of the group aka Benzinga. These claims were backed up by various tweets, considering KSI was no longer making videos with the group each of the sidemen just kind of forgot about the project and it was pushed to the back of everyone’s mind.

Ever there were some benefits to KSI leaving the group it provided an opportunity for each to create again views and subscribers of the drama.

Behinzga would post a diss track titled drama aimed at KSI which has gained 16 million views till now. Meanwhile, KSI also uses the drama to get hundreds of millions of views across different videos.

After some time KSI announced that the beef was faked and everyone was thankful to hear that. KSI was not leaving the Sidemen but there was still a fundamental problem that remained for the group each creator had gotten out of the habit of regularly creating content for the sidemen channel during the beef.

So when KSI announced that the beef was over it’s not like they just got straight back into making videos. A month passed then 2 months passed and there were still no uploads to the Sidemen Channel.

It would only be in January 2018 approximately nine months after the previous uploads that a new video would be posted to the channel announcing the commencement of the sidemen Sunday. But why would they randomly decide that they wanted to upload every single week after not uploading for 9 months?

Ksi explained that the group decided that they wanted to make a YouTube original series, a series that only paid subscribers variable to watch on the YouTube platform.

So decided to get their views to count up only six months after announcing that they will be uploading beta videos the sidemen would increase their view count from 1 million per month to 35 million per month. And at this point, YouTube would accept their YouTube original request and the sidemen released the sidemen show.

While Explaining KSI revealed that the sidemen show didn’t do much for their channel as a whole. But what it did was to get every member of the sidemen into a habit of making regular videos together.

And considering they were now receiving around 35 million views every month on their channel. Sidemen Sunday would continue these 35 million views every single month would grow the sidemen to 3 million on 4 million and eventually 5 million subscribers in June 2019 at which point they would upload a video that would change the history of the channel forever.

The Sidemen released the most awaited video real life tinder which was KSI’s idea to set up the tinder for a real-life experiment.
There were real women’s real rejections and a bunch of terrible pickup lines. In less than a week these videos had gained millions of views and short period these videos become the most popular videos on their channel.

After almost a year average of 35 million views every single month the sidemen tinder in real-life video boosted their average you use to 85 million a month and would grow to 115 million only in two months later. And at which point they would upload the second tinder in real-life video and video also racked up 15 million views in its first week and had gained over 50 million views in a short period.

These videos are ultimately boosted their subscribers count passing 6 million in 7 million edging closer to that of 10 million subscribers. But in order to cross that milestone the sidemen would have to think outside of the box they wouldn’t just keep making tinder in real life videos.They nedded a new idea that would help the growth of the channel the group would eventually find the new idea. However the idea would not come in the form of a video or say a meet and greet but rather in a slightly unconventional event.

4th of September 2019 KSI the most subscribed sidemen of the seven would announce that he would be rematching against logan Paul in another boxing event after their first fight ended in a draw. While this was extremely exciting for KSI himself it also began to provide numerous videos and growth ideas for the sidemen.

And eventually KSI would go on to win the fight against logan paul. And it’s safe to say that the sidemen were absolutely stoked . The event ultimately boosted the growth and the exposure for KSI and since he’s often considered to be the front man of the sidemen. This growth would trickel down to each of the sidemen channels.

The fight as a whole was excellent for the overall long-term growth of the sidemen channel and in conjunction with a consistent upload schedule the formation of numerous unique videos ideas and years of good old hard work the sidemen channel would eventually hit 10 million subscribers on 30th of November 2020.

YouTube would send each member a 10 million subscribers button which was somewhat different as only two out of the seven creators had hit 10 million on their personal channels. Therefore for fine of the sidemen it was their first 10 million subscribers play button.

At this time they have 14.3 million on the Sidemen Channel , 6.25 million on More Sidemen Channel, 3.98 million on Sidemen Reacts Channel and 1.54 million on Sidemen Shorts Channel.

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Who is the founder of Sidemen?


Who are the original seven Sidemen?

The seven original Sidemen are:

When did the Sidemen start?

The Sidemen started on 19th October 2013.

How created the Sidemen?

Sidemen was created by:

What is the age of Sidemen members?


How many businesses does Sideman have?

Sidemen clothing ( merchandise brand )
Side+ (streaming platform)
Sides ( food joint)
Sidemen XIX (vodka brand)

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