Ola Electric Scooter Users Are Disappointed With The Performance And Reliability Of The S1 Pro

Ola Electric Scooter Users Are Disappointed With The Performance And Reliability Of The S1 Pro

On August 15, 2021, Ola Electric will join the E-vehicle industry, revolutionizing the image and position of the electric two-wheeler area in India. However, the projected performance was overly optimistic, but the on-road range of the Ola S1 pro is the longest in the Indian EV market.

When it comes to competitors in the market, we have Ather 450X and Simple energy. Simple energy is ghosting the whole market while the Other 450X is on the market and operating among the people. Still, its range and performance are significantly lower than Ola’s electric scooter. Ideally, Ola should be outperforming Ather in every way, so why is Ola still encountering issues, and why are Ola electric’s consumers dissatisfied with the product?

Along with battery troubles, several users are experiencing poor build quality. The excitement around Ola Electric has resulted in many bookings. Still, the firm has struggled to fulfill orders and has missed multiple delivery dates, which were supposed to begin in December. Some Ola Electric scooter owners have expressed their dissatisfaction.

According to customers, the scooter’s battery failed merely one day after delivery, and the instrument display was broken. Because the manufacturer has no service network, there is no simple method to have the problem rectified.

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Complaints With Ola S1 Pro Electric Scooter

Full NameOla Electric Mobility
IndustryElectric Vehicles
Founded2017; 5 Years Ago
FounderBhavish Aggarwal
Products S1, S1 Pro 

Ola S1 Pro, a brilliant new electric scooter in Pune, went up in flames (Maharashtra). The footage of this terrifying occurrence quickly went popular on the internet. While the actual cause of this strange occurrence is not found, It should be noted that this is not only the first time an electric scooter in India has caught fire. Four similar incidents have recently been recorded, including the electric scooters from Pure EV, Okinawa, and Ola.

Customers Are Unhappy With The Performance Of The Ola Scooters

Ola Electric Scooter Users Are Disappointed With The Performance And Reliability Of The S1 Pro

The delivery of Ola Electric scooters has gone into effect, as have the problems. Customers were blatantly lied to by the two-wheeler category entrant. The strategy was to launch new electric scooters and gain market share before the space became overcrowded. However, it repeatedly missed the dates to begin delivery. When the deliveries finally began, users shared their terrible experiences on social media about the problems they had with the spanking new Ola Electric scooters. Ola scooter owners who have purchased the scooters have taken to social media to express their worries about the troubles with the fresh new scooters. According to a complaint about a man whose bike had to be hauled away after just 6 kilometers, and when it was returned, it had scrapes on the body and a shattered number plate. At the delivery, another worker saw dents and breaks in the body of the Ola Electric.

In another example, the owner of an electric scooter paid Rs 7,471 for insurance. However, when he received the paperwork, the sum stated was Rs 6,695. This is pretty strange, and he writes to the manufacturer about it. He is, however, waiting for an answer from them. These incidents are likely to turn off many potential purchasers, and even those who have reserved the bike may be uneasy hearing about them.

The scooter had already detected several software and throttle responsiveness anomalies during the media runs. Many individuals are also dissatisfied with the EV’s range. We hope Ola resolves these issues as soon as possible before buyers lose trust in the bike company entirely.

Major Issues With The Ola S1 Pro Electric Scooter Faced By Customers

1. Heating Considerations: This scooter was created for Duchy people and is tailored for their chilly temperature; it fails in Indian weather conditions. If you look closely at the Ather 450x design, you’ll see two fans whirling to keep the scooter’s motor cool. Unlike others, the Ola S1 pro lacks adequate cooling airflow and a fan. As a result, other consumers also reported it.

2. Manufacturing flaws: Ola did extensive marketing before launching their vehicle, creating tremendous hype among customers, and to achieve the huge market demand, they rushed to begin manufacturing the vehicle without focusing more on the quality of the product, and as expected, their customers began experiencing vehicle problems.

3. Defective or damaged electric scooters: Inspired by Tesla motors, Ola electric opted to bring their cars to consumers’ doorsteps. However, this distribution method did not fit Indian circumstances, and the scooters were discovered to be defective at the point of delivery.

4. Delivery cancellation: Because the Ola S1 is not yet available in the market, consumers who selected “Ola S1” at the time of booking are being asked to convert their order to “S1 Pro” rather than reserving “Ola S1.” This demonstrates how unsure they were about the number of scooters created at the debut.

Unsatisfactory Guarantees And Promises Made By Ola

At the time of the debut, the CEO “Bhavish Agarwaal” exhibited so many dreams to the Indian clients and convinced us all that the product that would be supplied had never been brought to the Indian car market. However, the reality was somewhat different, with several features lacking at delivery time. According to Ola Electric, the missing functionality will be accessible to all Ola subscribers via OTA updates.

Some Other Issues Concerning S1 Pro

  • The issue with Sudden Battery Drain
  • Problem with a Loose Handle
  • Unexpected Speed Drop the problem
  • Even after a 50% charge, the display does not turn on, and the under-seat storage is locked when the battery dies.
  • A glitch in the Accelerator: Unwanted Reverse Mode Activation
  • When the battery dies, the handle becomes locked, and the display goes blank on its own.


After seeing the negative aspects of this electric scooter, it is clear that Ola Electric has created a revolutionary product for Indian customers, and people are embracing it though. However, due to some operational errors, it is currently experiencing a few issues, which will be resolved over time. In India, the electric vehicle sector regarding EV scooters is still in its infancy, and many sectors still have a long road ahead to go. Nevertheless, the Indian electric vehicle sector will expand to become the world’s largest EV producer.

What happened to Ola’s scooter?

According to a video posted, an Ola S1 Pro client in Tamil Nadu poured gasoline on his e-scooter and set it on fire. As a result, the customer was having problems with range and performance.

Is the Ola electric scooter a flop?

The Ola S1 and S1 Pro were released with a lot of fanfare in India. However, they didn’t live up to it.

What is the Ola scooter’s battery life?

8500 W Mid Drive IPM Motor powers the Ola S1. The Ola S1’s 3.97 KWh battery takes 6.30 hours to charge completely.

What’s the matter with Ola Electric?

Many people are having problems with the build quality and the battery concerns. Ola Electric has received a lot of bookings due to the hype, but the firm has been struggling to fulfill orders and has missed many delivery dates that were supposed to start in December.

Is it possible to change the Ola battery?

No, the Ola scooter’s battery packs aren’t replaceable. However, you can install a standard three-pin connection in the parking area assigned to you from your meter box.

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