NIKE: “Find your Greatness” Marketing campaign

It was the peak of Olympics 2012, when Nike launched the “Find your Greatness” campaign at an impeccable time which proved as a tremendous success for their brand.

The whole ideation of this campaign began when Nike lost the chance to be the title sponsor against Adidas for the Summer Olympics 2012. Eventually, this gigantic loss was needed to accomplish something which could overcome the issue and this turned into the significant justification for why Nike thought the “Find your Greatness” campaign.

The mission focused on identifying with your everyday athlete. Most of Nike’s buyers don’t contend in the Olympics; they are secondary school football players, basketball players, cyclists, swimmers, etc.

Nike made an astounding and moving video about normal competitors stretching the boundaries and tracking down their own significance, then, at that point, they utilized social media to share the video and draw in their customers. This one video had multiple million perspectives, and Nike’s mission was highlighted in the media as much as Adidas was during the Olympics.

source: Nike

“There are no grand celebrations here. No speeches, no bright lights. But there are great athletes. Somehow we’ve come to believe that greatness is reserved for the chosen few. For the superstars. The truth is, greatness is for all of us.

This is not about lowering expectations. It’s about raising them for every last one of us. Because greatness is not in one special place, and it is not in one special person. Greatness is wherever somebody is trying to find it.”

This monologue in the video created a huge impact among the audience. The Nike lobby was to a great extent fruitful by fusing positive social parts of variety and a battle against generalizations. The cutting edge world faces a wellbeing emergency coming about because of heftiness because of changes in way of life and dietary patterns.

The advert endeavors to cancel the cultural points of view projected to overweight individuals and furthermore to advance social combination.

Getting opportunity to be the title sponsor for Olympics can be lucrative for any brand and here, for Adidas it was a goldmine. There was a report that Adidas sat down with the Olympics committee to make rigid rules so that no other brand could outshine by uniting with Olympic.

Therefore, Olympic committee came with a set of precedents which was supposed to be firmly followed by the brands so that not the slightest bit they could connect themselves with Olympics. Adding to this, Olympics committee also came up with a bunch of words like Summer Olympics, London Olympics, Olympics, 2012, and many more which was prohibited to be used by any the brands.

This kind of rules made incomprehensible for the brands to connect their name with Olympics in any capacity to take the roar of the Adidas as brand. Along these lines, with all of this set up everyone imagined that adidas will presently become a web sensation it will stay at the highest point of the graph since it’s the title sponsor.

Yet, much to their dismay there was a slight wind in the middle of when the real outcomes came out as it ended up while Adidas had around 9,000 tweets, there was around 16000 tweets to Nike associating their name with the Olympics not only that during the tenure of the Olympic that is beginning from opening function to the end function.

Adidas added around 12,000 followers to its social media record while Nike  added 57000 followers to its social handles and the cherry on the cake is that there was a survey that led in the USA where  individuals were asked- Who do you think precisely is the title sponsor of the Olympics?

It was found that, 21% individuals imagined that Adidas is the title sponsor of the Olympics yet 37% individuals thought Nike to be the title sponsor of the Olympics which implies what a great many individuals were believing that Nike was the title sponsor of the Olympics and not Adidas.

So, without being the title sponsor of the Olympics, without spending a $ 150 million, without utilizing the console to connect yourself with the Olympics, how it is possible for a brand to attain more publicity than the real title sponsor?  That is the place where the unbelievable procedure of Nike becomes possibly the most important factor.

So the primary thing that they comprehended was paying little heed to regardless how complex the framework is, there will consistently be an escape clause.

Therefore, they discovered three loopholes – the first was they found was paying little mind to whosoever is the title sponsor of the Olympic, the competitors were allowed to pick whichever shoe they needed and that is the justification for why they recruited 400 Olympians to be its brand ambassadors and simply request that they wear the Nike shoes and Nike came front with a peculiar line of shoes which was named as Volt where they distributed yellow-green shaded shoes to be worn in their Matches and the motivation behind why they explicitly picked yellow green setup was on the grounds that the tone was in ideal contrast of the tracks of the Olympics.

The second loophole that they found was in this standard which denied Nike from displaying the London of UK in their commercial but the loophole here is that there are 28 different areas in this world which are name as London aside from the London of UK.

Hence, Nike shot the advertisements in all the remaining London’s aside from London in UK so the commercial were shot in London in Ohio, Little London in Jamaica, the London Hotel, the London Gym, Small London in Nigeria and surprisingly the London Road and adroitly Nike had the option to put the world London all of its commercials legitimately and third and in particular.

Here’s the place where the perfect balance is in the event that you check out these Nike and Adidas commercials, you will notice every one of the superstars endorsing the brand yet with regards to Nike for the Olympics they were not permitted to utilize Olympians for endorsing.

CONCLUSION of Nike “Find Your Greatness” campaign

So, while Adidas was really parading each of its plugs these Olympians to be brand ambassadors, Nike chose to hire normal youngsters as ambassadors to its brand endorses.

While Adidas had Olympians Nike most elevated normal teens who were not referred to anyone as representatives to showcase its image and came out with an excellent Masterpiece which in a real sense broke the web.

With its commercial Nike was trending number one on YouTube one week after Olympics began with 4.5 million view contrasted with Adidas ranking number three with just 2.9 million views.

Thus, without being the title sponsor, without paying $150 million and without really utilizing the banned keywords, Nike back then definitely managed to take the roar from Adidas as a boss.

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