NASA fully deployed Webb Telescope in Space

NASA engineers have achieved an amazing milestone as the most powerful space telescope completed its though two weeks-long deployment phase on Saturday and the telescope unfolded its golden mirror panel and is now ready to study every bit of cosmic history.

As soon as the engineering team of James WEBB Space telescope got the information that the final wing was deployed and is a successful place in its position the entire team started cheering. Thomas Zurbuchen a senior NASA engineer said during the live stream that ” I am emotional about it what an amazing milestone Nasa has achieved.

They also revealed that the telescope was too large to carry into the rocket’s nose a cone-shaped structure so the team decided to transport the telescope folded.

NASA engineer Mike Menzel said that “Unfurling has been a complex and risky task arguably the most challenging deployment program ever done by NASA.

According to the reports, engineers sent a command for the final section of the golden mirror to unfold on Saturday morning from the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. The team confirmed at 1:17 that all major deployments have been completed after the mirror was latched into the place successfully.

WEBB telescope is the successor of the Hubble telescope and was launched in Ariane 5 rocket from French Guiana on December 25.

According to NASA reports the Webb telescope is heading towards its orbital point which is 1.6 million kilometers from Earth, which is known as the second lagrange point in a couple of weeks. But it will take around 5 to 6 months for the step to complete.

” While the journey is not complete I join the Webb team in breathing a little easier and imaging the future breakthroughs bound to inspire the world,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

He also revealed the next steps which are aligning the telescope’s optics and calibrating its scientific instruments.

NASA fully deployed Webb Telescope in Space
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