In this article, we will focus on Low-Investment Business Ideas for Students and Small Business Ideas for Students with little or no investment. We will also have a look at Low-Investment Business Ideas for Teenagers.

The youth have begun to realize the value of wealth, investments, savings, and stocks in this period of digitalization and modernization. With their brilliant business ideas and strategies, they strive to become successful entrepreneurs.

According to a report, over 61,000 companies were registered in India during the first month of 2022. Many thousands of these records were owned by teenagers and young adults. The figures are insane. Because of the ever-increasing number of businesses each year, India owns one of the world’s largest startup ecosystems.

Many of us have heard inspiring stories of successful Indian teen entrepreneurs. We’re often curious as to what made them so successful in their field. Their ideals, “will” to do everything, consistency, faith, and determination are some of the reasons behind their success at such an early age.

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The Secrets behind the success of Teen-Entrepreneurs

When it comes to their success, we prefer to believe that their business ideas were unique. However, the majority of entrepreneurs have stated that this is not always the case.

They concentrated solely on enhancing and specializing in ‘one’ service, and as a result, other ideas and successes arose. Most of their basic services are not unique, what is unique is that one service that no one offers in the market.

While some successful entrepreneurs possessed outstanding skills, the bulk lacked professionalism and expertise in the beginning. While experimenting and exploring, they learned, matured, and molded their strategies accordingly.

The secret to success is to just start, as told by most of the successful entrepreneurs. You don’t need to have everything planned out ahead of time. You’ll figure it out eventually. It’s not a bad idea to start small. Keep in mind that many small businesses are also highly successful.

Low-Investment Business Ideas for Students: Begin your Entrepreneurship journey today
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Low-Investment Business Ideas for Students and Teens

Most of us don’t have enough money to start a business as students. It is crucial to have a solid business idea and plan, but it is also necessary to invest in order to put them into action. And the problem is that we can not expect sponsors if we don’t have any experience or knowledge.

But don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of low-cost, high-profit business ideas for teenagers and students. You will, however, have to invest in your time and energy.

List of Low-Investment Business Ideas for Students and Teens :

  • Offline/Online Tutor

Investment: Zero or little

Profit: High

You can start your business as a tutor. You get the flexibility to teach as many students for as many hours as you like. This doesn’t even need any investment. You can also start teaching kids online in your free time. All you need is expertise in a particular subject, or ability to teach elementary school kids.

  • Online product-based business

Investment: Little (on products) 

Profit: Average to High

Nowadays, many new businesses are coming up on social media. These are basically online small businesses of various products or services offered such as Jewelry, Resin art creations, Dog name-tags, Fresh cakes and cookies, and much more. So if you have any product to offer, no matter how basic it is, you can start your online store.

  • Freelancing

Investment: Zero or little

Profit: Medium to High

If you have any service to offer such as graphic designing, content writing, web developing, copywriting, app development, or any other service which is in-demand in the market you can create a successful freelancing business. You just have to create a compelling portfolio and you’ll be good to go.

  • Content Creation

Investment: Zero or little

Profit: Medium to High

Influencers or content creators is another trending business among teens and young adults. You can share your valuable opinions, experiences, and teachings about any specific topic on any social media website. Content creation has a wide horizon, you can create text-based, image-based, and video-based content.

Content creation will include writing reviews, vlogging, social media presence, and a lot of other creative things. If your imagination is creative, you can become a content creator.

  • Dog trainer or Dog Walker

Investment: Zero

Profit: High

If you love dogs and know how to handle them, then this is the perfect Business idea for you. With no investment, you can start working as a dog trainer or a dog walker. As more Indians are becoming aware about the importance of Dog training, they look for someone who is an expert in the field. You don’t even need any study or professional skill for this.

  • Child care-taker

Investment: Zero

Profit: Medium

It is yet another easy way of earning money with no investment. If you are good with kids, you can become a child care-taker and earn while doing so. As nowadays, both the parents are usually working and they search for someone who can take care of their kid for them. Within the coming years, this will become a high-profit earning business.

  • Create an app

Investment: Medium to High

Profit: Medium to High

If you are a coding geek and know how to build an app, you can put this knowledge into use. If you don’t wish to give away your talent as a freelancer, you can create your own app. You can even earn thousands of dollars if your app becomes successful. Some great apps are even bought for millions of dollars by big companies.

  • Become an author

Investment: Zero or Medium

Profit: Medium to High

Write and publish your own book/ebook on different platforms. Many websites allow you to publish your ebook with very less or zero investment. Even for paperbacks, there are multiple websites allowing little investment. This can be a profitable deal if you have something great to offer to the readers. 


Low investment business ideas for students and teens is a great way to earn as a student. You will be able to realize the value of money early in your life. You will become self-dependent. And with time and experience, you can become a successful entrepreneur as well.

How can I start my own business with no money?

You just have to begin the first steps. Don’t think about the end result yet, just focus on learning and improving each day. With time and patience, you will become successful.

What business can I start as a student?

•Offline/Online Tutor
•Online product-based business
•Child care taker
•Influencer or Content creator

What is the best business for a student?

It is difficult for a student to invest and start his own business but students can start service-based one like freelancing in various fields, for instance social media manager, graphic designer, web developer and many more…

What is the best business to start in a school?

•Offline/Online Tutor
•Online product-based business
•Child care taker
•Influencer or Content creator

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