LinkedIn users in India can relish LinkedIn in Hindi

LinkedIn will now be available in Hindi, extending support to its Indian audience

From 2nd December 2021, LinkedIn users in India will get added advantage of LinkedIn Hindi. It aims to broaden its support towards all the Hindi speaker audiences globally. LinkedIn wants to provide more opportunities to the Hindi speaking professionals in order to expand networking.

At its initial stage, LinkedIn users can access their feed, messaging, profile, create content and messaging in Hindi. In the later part, they will be upsurging job opportunities for all the Hindi speaking professionals in numerous industries, corporates. It will try to promote its LinkedIn users to create content in Hindi to enhance interaction and conversations.

LinkedIn mentioned:

“India is a core market for growth at LinkedIn and the second largest market in terms of members. After the US, accounting for 82 million members as part of a global community of 800 million members. India’s member base has grown by 20+ million in the past three years (15% year-over-year growth). And it has witnessed a spike in engagement and conversations on the platform since the pandemic,” the company said.

In India, LinkedIn has been mission critical to helping people connect, learn, grow and get hired during the pandemic and in this new world of work we are in. With the launch of Hindi, now more members and customers can unlock greater value from the platform through content, jobs, and networking, and express themselves in a language that they feel comfortable in.

We have witnessed high engagement and member growth in the last year, and it is at this exciting inflection point that we are strengthening our vision to create economic opportunity for ‘every’ member of the workforce, and taking down language barriers for Hindi speakers across the world,” says Ashutosh Gupta, India country manager, LinkedIn.

How LinkedIn users will setup profile in Hindi

LinkedIn users should choose Hindi as their favored device language under phone settings to see LinkedIn mobile application in Hindi. For users who are using already Hindi as preferred device language, for them it will naturally be accessible in Hindi. On PC, LinkedIn users will have to tap on “Me” icon at the top of the LinkedIn page and choose “Settings and Privacy”. Users then require to tap on ‘Account Preferences’ on the left, select ‘Site Preferences’, click ‘Change’ next to ‘Language’, and select ‘Hindi’ from the drop down list.

When chosen the UI and platform insight, including navigation bar will be shown in Hindi. Thereafter, it will help LinkedIn users rapidly and effectively find features they are searching for. Posts on user’s feed will be shown in the language that they were initially made in. By tapping on ‘See Translation’ option it will show Hindi interpretations of the particular post whose primary language set to Hindi. To make ‘Hindi content’ on LinkedIn, they should switch their console input language to Hindi, or add the Hindi console on their Pc or phones.

To show their current profile in Hindi, LinkedIn users should make an optional language profile in a similar language as their current profile. This will induce them to pick a favored language for their current profile. From a drop down list of 25 dialects, which presently incorporates Hindi, users can select the preferred language as Hindi.

LinkedIn Influencers and Creators share their first Hindi posts with their network from their profile

Many LinkedIn influencers like international life coach ‘Gaur Gopal Das’, Business coach ‘Dr. Vivek Bindra’, founder ‘Ankur Warikoo’ shared post in Hindi on their LinkedIn profiles. This definitely showed their support towards this significant accomplishment. This will encourage other LinkedIn users to use this opportunity to the fullest.

Moreover, LinkedIn Hindi is essential for LinkedIn’s vision to turn into a more impartial stage. Also, to permit further various professional communities to open more prominent worth from LinkedIn. Other worldwide drives includes ‘Project Every Member’ and the ‘LinkedIn Fairness Toolkit’ that incorporate equity into LinkedIn’s items. It will further eliminate fundamental predispositions and hindrances to a promising circumstance. This is the Phase 1 carry out of LinkedIn in Hindi, and the stage will assess inputs and reception to further develop the LinkedIn users insight over the course of time.

LinkedIn in Hindi is currently accessible to all individuals internationally on Desktop and Android. It will steadily carry out to all iOS clients soon.

“This is an exciting milestone, and we can’t wait to see how you unlock greater value from LinkedIn by using the platform in Hindi.

With the addition of Hindi, LinkedIn now supports 25 languages globally. We will continue to evaluate other regional languages as we strive to create equitable economic opportunities for every member of the workforce. This will help diverse professional communities come together on LinkedIn.

We look forward to your feedback over the next few months as we continue to improve the experience. New members can now sign up for LinkedIn in Hindi by visiting and registering for a new account. LinkedIn members who have been using the site in English can switch their language settings to Hindi” LinkedIn added.

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