Indian Premier League 2022 Trends: Popularity, Business Perspectives, and more

IPL origin

The Indian Premier League (IPL) was established by the BCCI in the year 2007. Every year, ten teams representing ten different Indian states compete in a Twenty20 format. The first IPL took place in 2008. It has since become popular among Indians.

Every year, it is held between the months of March and May. For this year, Indian Premier League 2022 will begin from 2nd April and will continue till 3 June. It will be exciting to watch who wins the Indian Premier League 2022 trophy. Last year, Chennai Super Kings led by MS Dhoni won the trophy.

People from all over India eagerly await the beginning of the competition among their favorite teams every year during these months. Fans usually root for the teams that represent their home states. The IPL craze can be seen in the audience, as the stadium hall is filled to capacity every year. The IPL, as the world’s most popular cricket league, will undoubtedly remain a trending topic in India throughout its run.

The list of the current teams of Indian Premier League 2022:

Name of the TeamState representingCaptain of the Team
Delhi CapitalsDelhi Rishabh Pant
Lucknow Super GiantsUttar Pradesh KL Rahul
Punjab KingsPunjabShikhar Dhawan
Rajasthan RoyalsRajasthanSanju Samson
Royal Challengers BangaloreBangaloreVirat Kohli
Sunrisers HyderabadHyderabadKane Williamson
Mumbai IndiansMumbaiRohit Sharma
Kolkata Knight RidersKolkataShreyas Iyer
Chennai Super KingsChennaiM.S. Dhoni
Gujarat TitansGujarat Hardik Pandya

Popularity of The IPL

Cricket is already the most popular sport among Indians, and our domestic cricket league, the IPL, is celebrated like a festival in India. Fans excitedly await the beginning of Indian Premier League 2022.

  • Popularity of the IPL among the general public

In the year 2021, the total viewership was recorded at 367 Million viewers all over India. While in the year 2020, 405 million viewers were recorded by the BARC, India.

Indian Premier League 2022 Trends: Popularity, Business Perspectives, and more
Number of viewers for two consecutive years

According to the graph above, the number of viewers has decreased in the last year compared to the previous year. However, even though viewership has decreased, popularity has not.

People’s interest in IPL is growing year after year. People don’t spend all of their time watching cricket because they don’t have enough time nowadays; instead, they watch the climax, news, or prefer to watch it live on YouTube.

  • Popularity of the IPL among Bettors and Businessmen

Every year, as its popularity among the general public grows, so does the popularity of betting, also known as Satta. These Betting Markets or Satta Bazars, are available both online and offline, and their popularity is growing in tandem with the growth of the IPL. 

Betting is a popular pastime among ordinary people, small business owners, and large business owners alike. Bettors typically examine various teams and players and bid based on their research. Various websites and apps are created to provide a platform for the betters.

For businessmen who don’t bet, the IPL still proves to be a lucky charm. Businesses like TV showrooms, Tele-vision manufacturers, Youtube or sports app subscriptions, snacks manufacturers and sellers, and many other similar businesses benefit a lot from the IPL. Thus, it can be concluded that the IPL and Business are interrelated. 

Indian Premier League 2022 Auction Statistics

The IPL, or cricket in general, is a business in which players are auctioned off and the highest bidder wins the player. Dealers, like any other business, work with the auctioned team or member to finalize the highest-paying offers. The connection between the IPL and Business is proved by the process of auction. 

Chris Morris was sold for the highest amount for IPL 2021 at Rs. 16.25 crores. In the year 2022, the highest selling cricketer for IPL is Ishan Kishan with an amount of Rs. 15.25 crores. 

Top 5 highest paid IPL cricketers in 2021:

  • Virat Kohli: Rs. 17 crores
  • Chris Morris: Rs. 16.25 crores
  • Pat Cummins: Rs. 15.5 crores
  • MS Dhoni: Rs. 15 crores
  • Rohit Sharma: Rs. 15 crores

Top 5 highest paid IPL cricketers in 2022:

  • KL Rahul: Rs. 16 crores
  • Rohit Sharma: Rs. 16 crores
  • Ravindra Jadeja: Rs. 16 crores
  • Rishabh Pant: Rs: 16 crores
  • Ishan Kishan: Rs. 15.25 crores

As it can be seen, both the lists vary. It is quite common in IPL auctions, the value keeps increasing, decreasing and sometimes they are even left unsold.

Let’s now look at the relationship between the IPL and Business: Just like the stock market, market values of cricketers fluctuate. The way technology and services become obsolete, so do some cricketers. When a cricketer fails to update his skills, or someone having comparatively better skills enters the market, the one with lesser skills is left unsold.

It is an ever-changing world, if anything wants to survive it has to update itself, like business strategies. Look, I told ya! IPL and Businesses resemble a lot.

Comparison of prices: 2021 Vs 2022

For the year 2022, the previously leading cricketers have lost their position as their price significantly declined this year. Out of the 5, only Rohit Sharma was sold for a higher price as compared to his 2021 price. Chris Morris on the other hand has decided to retire from the Indian Premier League 2022.

Name of the PlayerPrices in 2021Prices in 2022
Virat Kohli17 crores15 crores
Chris Morris16.25 croresRetiring
Pat Cummins15.5 crores7.25 crores
MS Dhoni15 crores12 crores
Rohit Sharma15 crores16 crores
Indian Premier League 2022 Trends: Popularity, Business Perspectives, and more
Price comparison of players 2021 Vs 2022

Virat Kohli being a famous celebrity as well as a cricketer was valued 2 crores less as compared to the previous price. The price of Pat Cummins has been valued at approximately half the rate as previous year.

Comparison of prices: 2022 Vs 2021

All the top 5 cricketers of 2022 except Rohit Sharma were not in the list of 2021 top 5 cricketers. The following table shows the price comparisons:

Name of the PlayersPrices in 2022Prices in 2021
KL Rahul17 crores
Rohit Sharma16 crores15 crores
Ravindra Jadeja16 crores7 crores
Rishabh Pant16 crores8 crores
Ishan Kishan15.25 crores6.20 crores
Indian Premier League 2022 Trends: Popularity, Business Perspectives, and more
Price comparison of players 2022 Vs 2021

Ishan Kishan managed to increase his pay by more than double while Ravindra Jadeja and Rishabh Pant doubled their prices.

From the given information, we can conclude that if cricketers manage to update their skills they are valued higher and the opposite happens if they don’t perform well in their matches. The interrelations of the IPL and Business is proved- the best and updated version is valued higher in the market.

Remaining purse value of IPL teams 2022

Punjab Kings72 crores
Sunrises Hyderabad68 crores
Rajasthan Royals62 crores
Team Lucknow58 crores
Royal Challengers Bangalore57 crores
Team Ahemabad52 crores
Chennai Super Kings48 crores
Kolkata Knight Riders48 crores
Mumbai Indians48 crores
Delhi Capitals47.5 crores

Where IPL 2022 will be held?

IPL 2022 will be held in India.

In which month IPL 2022 will commence?

15th season of IPL 2022 will commence on April 2022.

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