How MARICO’s Saffola beat ITC & Hindustan Unilever in EDIBLE OIL WAR in India?


Most of us are undoubtedly familiar with Marico’s well-known Saffola brand. We are unaware that this name is more than just an oil brand; it stands for a family. a family that has long had the honor and joy of providing oils to our families and has built a reputation for itself through its unwavering pursuit of superior quality

In-depth information about Saffola, its target market, the 4Ps of the marketing mix, marketing strategies, and campaigns run by them are covered in this article. So in the next section, let’s first learn more about Saffola as a brand.

About Saffola oil

One of India’s top FMCG firms in the international beauty and wellness market, Marico has consistently worked to provide its consumers with innovation through sustainable operational improvements. Marico aspires to progress and continuity in change and believes in questioning the status quo.

One out of every three Indians currently utilizes a Marico product. In addition, you can find it in more than 25 nations on the Asian and African continents.

Since Saffola is Marico’s signature brand, it is currently regarded as one of the top names in healthcare. Although it was established sometime in the 1960s, it didn’t become well-known until 1990, when it was rebranded as a healthcare company.

The brand has changed from being a preventative heart-care edible oil to a therapeutic oil, and this shift is mirrored in their communications.


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How did saffola gain its popularity?

The marketing mix model, also referred to as the “4Ps,” is a tool for comprehending a company’s marketing initiatives. It assists you in assessing important business areas according to the four Ps: product, price, place, and promotion. So let’s review Saffola’s 4Ps marketing mix plan in the following section.

  1. Saffola Product Strategy

Saffola offers a wide range of goods under the heading of Mid-morning snacks, meals, and snacks, including oils, oats, Ayurvedic goods, protein goods, etc. This is the fundamental framework for product strategy that Saffola concentrates on.

  1. Pricing Policy of Saffola

Saffola offers a variety of items to satisfy a range of consumers. According to Marico, the company can meet the demands of all the clients from different purchasing power groups by offering a variety of goods since Saffola oil charges a premium of 10-15% over other edible oil brands.

The company hopes to capitalize on the Saffola brand equity through brand expansion. Despite having a higher price point than the competition, Saffola has increased its market share. In addition, due to India’s wedding and holiday seasons, there is a brisk demand for fresh food purchases.

  1. Place & Saffola’s Distribution Plan

Marico currently has a substantial distribution network. They attempted to distribute Saffola initially at high-value outlets using the same network and subsequently expanded the product’s reach to regular stores after changing to new price categories. However, the majority of rural areas are still underutilized.

However, many e-commerce sites sell Saffola items at reasonable discounts, which indirectly but ineffectively reaches the rural area.

Saffola reaches out to people through several distribution platforms. To efficiently meet customer expectations, wholesale distributors, large malls, and grocery stores serve as significant distributors in their distribution cycle.

  1. Marketing Plan for Saffola

The requirement for a product that was ideally “good for the heart” was emphasized by Saffola cooking oil.

They began streaming physician testimonials to influence people’s judgments.

Advertisements targeted consumers with issues with their hearts, blood pressure, and general health.

They displayed Saffola as a branded oil to gain the faith of wealthy organizations.

The effective use of the space by communication that sparked the anxiety of nearly losing a loved one to a heart attack worked. Saffola today is on par with national preventative cardiac care.

What made saffola stand out from others?

Marketing and advertising are the most critical factors determining a company’s success. These two are identical and must collaborate to spread the word about goods and services.

Both are intended to raise brand awareness and aid in the launch of a new product. A successful marketing strategy can significantly increase sales of a new product.

The goal of Saffola’s advertising campaign is to promote fitness. They want their customers to lead healthier lifestyles and enjoy longer lifespans.


In India, the Marico brand’s Saffola brand dominates the edible oil market. It has been a brand of trust and purity among consumers for over 30 years. The brand began with oil goods and quickly developed into a flexible, reliable platform based on the top edible oil products of the present.

The company has successfully positioned its products across various categories and has put all the necessary marketing tools in place to support the promotion of those products. Keeping every aspect covered, whether it be professional or digital.

For what is saffola renowned?

In India, the Marico brand’s Saffola brand dominates the edible oil market. It has been a brand of trust and purity among consumers for over 30 years. The brand began with oil goods and quickly developed into a flexible, reliable platform based on the top edible oil products of the present.

The best oil is saffola; why?

Saffola Active oil is the best option for you if you’re seeking a healthy oil suitable for diabetic and high cholesterol sufferers. It has Omega 3 and Oryzanol, which aid in lowering cholesterol deposition, inflammation, and body obesity. In addition, the Omega 3 fatty acids help with neurological processes and brain growth.

Is Saffola an Indian brand?

Marico, its main office in Mumbai, has operations in more than 25 nations throughout Asia and Africa. Its brands include Parachute, Saffola, Hair & Care, Parachute Advanced, Nihar Naturals, and Mediker in hair care, skin care, edible oils, health foods, male grooming, and fabric care.

Who is Saffola’s owner?

Harsh Mariwala expanded his family’s trade in spices and cooking oils into the massive consumer products company Marico. Marico sells in 25 different countries and is best known for its Saffola cooking oil and Parachute hair oil.

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