How Edtech is fooling you in 2022

What is edtech? Is Edtech is a scam which is the biggest edtech in India what are the problems with edtech is there is any dark side of edtech.


In 21 century Edtech is becoming an important part of your life. We have seen in many short periods many ed-tech companies multiplied their valuation to billions of dollars. And we have also seen edtech in India dominate the education industry.

Edtech in India
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We have seen anything which has tech as a suffix that means it is solving problems. Like fintech means financial technology. The mass generation before 10-15 years ago was not aware of the stock market, insurance ie. we can say that at that time there was not much financial literacy. And these subjects were not also taught in schools, but because of fintech now people are getting more and more aware of finance and there are many companies which provide various services which make consumers like easy.

Similarly, we can see that there is another term popularizing fast and that is edtech.
We all know what Ed-tech is let’s understand

The positives of Education technology.

The first point is that edtech has made education accessible to everyone. Now students or people can access a lot of information from their phones. Earlier we use to see that students have to move out of their cities for studies purposes, but after edtech one can study from any part of the country. Due to this advancement in the education industry not only students are benefited but teachers are benefited too. Today we can see that teacher is not limited to 8-100 students at a time, rather than he can talk to thousands of students on the live stream which made teaching more efficient for teachers and students. This one couldn’t even imagine before 10 years ago.

Secondly, this technology has diminished the dominance of coaching mafias. A few years back one have to travel to different cities or even states for better coaching. And these coachings used to charge a hefty amount of money too. But this advancement made this easy.

Third, now education is becoming affordable. We have seen in nowadays we can find many educational contents online for free or for a very less amount.

But even with all of these benefits. The Edtech is having negative effects on education. There is a side where the advancement like Edtech is not a solution, but it becomes the means to generate problems.

Now let’s discuss

The dark side of edtech

Earlier we have discussed that this provides access information to anyone, affordable teaching, but there is a problem with edtech and that is the sales trap.

1.) Sales trap:- What these companies do is they make a sales trap for each of their potential customers. In the sales trap, the aggressive sales pitch is made against their customers, they make their customers profile and have their full details like parents’ names, numbers, their financial conditions. And with this information, they make their spreadsheet And then categorize them into different categories. And then they pitch their customer with customized pitches and made them feel that if they don’t enroll in their course or platform then their career is finished, this made problematic.

Many times we have seen that course is very expensive and then companies made their parents opt for loans or sometimes companies don’t even tell about the loan they hide from their customers. In recent times u may have come across the news that the parents said that they didn’t know that they have signed a loan, they don’t even have much money to pay.

2.) Misleading Marketing:- On one side these companies have a sales process going on with the full force and on the other hand, we can see the illogical ads or marketing campaigns from them. They show that the 5-year-old is developing their app after they have learned coding from their platform. In some ads, they show customers that a kid got placed in google and has crores of package. This shows that they have different marketing campaigns ready for their different customers according to their demographics. But the promises they made are so extraobinant that in real life, they are not possible.

The third one is that

Are they becoming the New mafia?

Now we can experience that in the Edtech industry there is a monopoly situation arising where 1or2 companies dominate the whole edtech industry. It looks like they made coaching mafias lose dominance and then they started to dominate or control the whole education industry.

Now let’s look into this topic

Is edtech reliable

The next point is related to teaching quality:-

Can we say that edtech has made quality education accessible? Quality education was a keyword and it’s limited to the time till you know your teacher, only then you will understand whether it is quality education or not. Now there are so many players in the same niche and has no teachers this made question arise that whether the quality is compromised for quality. And this question is often ignored which is why it is another dark side of Edtech.

Now here we can see the interesting pattern, there is a trend going on in earlier days there was the coaching that was ruling, and to finish that we have seen some individuals come up with the idea which we knew as edtech. Now we can see that these edtech’s are getting their monopoly building. And now in some times or couple of years, we can see new people with new ideas to break their monopoly. We can see that there are plenty of YouTubers who started teaching in their channel and have now grown to have their platform. That is why we say the suffix of tech means some problems are being solved.

So if new problems come from new solutions, then their solutions will come from these problems. And this gives a lot of hope for the future of Edtech.

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