How Did The Social Media Sensation BB Become So Popular: Bhuvan Bam Success Story

How Did The Social Media Sensation BB Become So Popular: Bhuvan Bam Success Story


Bhuvan is a famous YouTube comedian and content maker in India. He is the young Indian star behind the widely popular YouTube channel ‘BB Ki vines.’ His videos are distinguished by sarcastic and realistic humor that resonates with the young Indian audience. Bhuvan Bam, the creator of BB ki Vines, is the first Indian to have 10 million YouTube followers. In June 2015, Bam introduced BB ki Vines on YouTube.

He became the first Indian to reach 10 million followers on the video-sharing website. Over 1.3 billion people have seen his videos. It’s reasonable to assume that many individuals around the country are watching his films. That’s not bad for a 24-year-old who scripts,directs, movies, and performs in and produces his videos.

How Did The Social Media Sensation BB Become So Popular: Bhuvan Bam Success Story

His well-known avatars, Bancho, ‘Hola,’ and ‘Titu Mama,’ have amassed over 2.4 billion views and much more love. The count of Bhuvan Bam YouTube subscribers is now at 25.4 million, with an average view count of 16.45 million. His sarcastic clips have gotten a lot of attention from young folks, thanks to his avatars and humorous Hindi slang.


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Who Is Bhuvan Bam, And What Does He Do?

Born22 January 1994(Age 28)Vadodara, Gujarat India
EducationShaheed Bhagat Singh CollegeDelhi University(BA History)
Subscribers25.4 Million
Total Views4.25 Billion
ChannelBB Ki Vines
OccupationYoutuber, Comedian, Singer & Songwriter
Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam, a 28-year-old singer, composer, and songwriter from New Delhi, is also a performing artist and, most notably, a Youtube sensation. After making a video criticizing a reporter, he became famous. He prepared a sarcastic clip at home that went viral overnight, particularly in Pakistan. In June 2015, BB ki vines got their start on YouTube.

A few years ago, Bhuvan Bam was an ordinary university student with a night job as a vocalist at a Delhi Mughlai restaurant. By putting in a hard effort and a dash of luck, he is now one of India’s top YouTube celebrities. As John Sins, his interview with actor, director, and internet sensation Steven Wolfe drew over 17 million views in only five days.

He has also Interviewed superstar Shahrukh Khan which immensely gave him more exposure to the audience. Bam is also an outstanding singer. In January 2018, he launched  the music video “Sang Hoon Tere.” His succeeding works included “Teri Meri Kahani,” “Safar,” and “Rahguzar.”

Bhuvan Bam’s Rise  As A Social Media Star

How Did The Social Media Sensation BB Become So Popular: Bhuvan Bam Success Story
Bhuvan Bam

Bam understood this was his road ahead after the instant triumph. BB Ki Vines offers 2–8 minute videos on the lives of an urban teenagers. Among the younger generation, the characters have become well-known. He currently has a sizable fan base that motivates him to continue producing material. On his YouTube account, the gentleman has 25.4 million followers. He’s a one-person army, to be specific. He does everything himself, including writing the scripts, acting, and filming his films using his phone’s front camera. He used to do this.

Titu Mama from Bam’s “BB ki Vines” is a popular character, and Bam has featured several B-town celebrities on his channel in a section called Titu Talks. In addition, Bam appeared in the short film Plus Minus. The short film was a smash hit, becoming the internet’s speediest video in 2018. In addition, it received a nomination for a Filmfare Award for Best Short Film in 2019.

By December 2018, he had become such a well-known YouTuber that he invited Shah Rukh Khan to be the very first participant in Titu Talks, his new digital series. At the YouTube FanFest in Mumbai, Bhuvan also conducted the ‘Titu Talks’ live set with movie director Karan Johar. His chat with Shah Rukh Khan received a lot of likes and comments.

Aside from his YouTube appearances, Bhuvan Bam is renowned for speaking up on political matters. The comedian’s tweet went viral when he discussed how Bollywood superstars kept silent during the JNU controversy. People praised his honesty and boldness in speaking out as an influencer and a person on a political matter that most people would have avoided.

BB Is Among India’s Top 10 Highest Paid YouTubers

There is no specific amount for his net worth, but we can make some educated guesses based on the data. His monthly earnings from the ‘BB ki Vines’ channel are reported to be around Rs 1 crore. His annual earnings are believed to be over Rs 12 crores. He is a frequent sight at events, stage plays, and college fests, which earns him money since he is a tremendous online phenomenon, especially among the youth population.

Machine That Makes Viral Videos

The first point to be brought out is how Bhuvan Bam has transformed himself into a viral video powerhouse. Viral Videos are a dream come true for most YouTubers. Most YouTubers have one viral hit and then wait weeks or months for another. Bhuvan Bam has mastered the viral video recipe. His comprehension enables him to create video after video featured on YouTube’s trending video page and receives a large number of views. In 5 minutes, his thumbnails become extremely plain and even poorly produced. These thumbnails are ideal for the sorts of videos he creates.

His thumbnails appear to be amateurish on purpose. These days, there are a lot of things that have become viral. People dislike polished items, such as a popular videos. The majority of his thumbnails depict some response. Another point to consider is that mobile accounts for more than half of all Youtube traffic. Bhuvan understands that his thumbnail must be legible and straightforward to capture attention and be click-worthy on small displays.


YouTube has uprooted to be one of the most popular online destinations. People may see a lot of information for free and learn a lot. The platform has been tremendously broad and accessible to young people worldwide. BB Ki Vines has wholly taken over the Indian Youtube scene. When Bhuvan Bam began, he was merely experimenting with the capabilities of his new camera and his sharp humor. His quick success was due to his perseverance and grasp of the platforms and audiences. It’s also fun to follow Bam’s development through time and his altruism. So, in terms of social media, the philosophy is to know your audience and always portray your true self.

What made Bhuvan Bam iconic?

A few years ago, Bhuvan Bam was an ordinary college student with a night job as a vocalist at a Delhi Mughlai restaurant. Instead, he has become one of India’s top YouTube personalities by sheer hard work and a touch of luck.

How well-known is Bhuvan Bam?

Bhuvan Bam, for the uninitiated, is a prominent YouTuber with over 25 million subscribers.

How much money does BB make from Dhindora?

This arrangement pays him five crore rupees every year.

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