How Bumble is destroying The Youth?

Bumble story:-This story dates back to 2012 when a 22-year-old girl Whitney Wolf was working in the Hatch Labs incubator. While working in the company she met Sean Rad and they decided to work together. They created a dating app which we all know as Tinder, when the company was commenced Justin Mateen became the Chief Marketing Officer.

After a while Whitney and Justin started dating each other but they broke up Justin was still harassing Whitney. Whitney took this matter to Sean Rad, CEO of Tinder and unfortunately Sean kicked out Whitney from their company which is truly pathetic. We all are unaware of the fact that no one knows what future holds for us. Whitney didn’t ever imagined, the reason for her depression would be her own company.

Although she had so many bad experiences but she never stopped. She started working on her ideas and at that point she thought about women safety, her ideation was to make a social networking site which is exclusive for woman. In between of this she met Andrey Andreev, he convinced her to move forward with her idea and convert it into a dating site, this is when Bumble was started.

Starting of Bumble site

Bumble side effects

Whitney approached two employees from tinder Chris Gulczynski and Sarah Mick to create Bumble site. The idea behind creating Bumble was straightforward i.e. Why woman should follow rules? People you might be pondering, if this site started with such a good intent then how it is destroying the youth? To understand this we have to deep dive into the types of concept on which companies work.

Number one Need concept, this concept is built to fulfil a particular need or demand of the people. For instance, travelling apps; it helps us to make our travel plan, book our tickets, makes reservation.

Number two, Leverage concept; these type of concept is built to ease out the complex things. When a company or a firm captures the market according to their need by easing out things that’s when it creates a well balance scenario. Just like Kuku FM did, people didn’t really liked reading books but kuku FM provided a bunch of knowledge books through audio format. Here people don’t feel monotonous and they get the knowledge of the book as well.

Number three, Gratification concept; these type of concepts are built to make the customers feel good and pleasure. This concept makes sure that people get entangled in this concept and Bumble is based on this concept. Now the question arises How Bumble manages to do this? Bumble is growing by 70% and it has 100 million active users so according to this Bumble is at profitable situation but no one knows what is the mechanism behind it.

How their mechanism works

So, this mechanism is Data + ELO system, this works when a person creates account on Bumble, it collects your data like your dating preferences, age, location, education, work profile but they don’t sell this data, they only collects this data for matching your profile with others. Now, how they make one profile match with other? here comes the ELO system, all the profiles on Bumble have their own ranking, the profiles are ranked according to the number of people who right swiped their profile for example if Megha has right swiped Neeraj then Neeraj’s profile ranking will be increased so why this will happen because the person who right swiped it has already been right swiped by many people whereas suppose Ria right swiped Mayank’s profile but Ria doesn’t have much right swipes then Mayank’s profile ranking won’t be increased much, this is how ELO system works.

How Bumble makes profit

This is where Bumble starts making its profit, Bumble consistently sells you expectation but but but… before selling hope or expectation, people must feel hopeless and Bumble does it best. When you make your profile, you will get few right swipes then people feel happy however that profile will be hidden this is when we will want to buy Bumble premium plan and 60-70% people will purchase that premium plan, what if you don’t buy that plan then finding your match number will get reduced and this is done by their algorithm.

Bumble will urge you to buy the premium plan and 15-20%ise the genuine accounts you may match with even if you buy a premium plan it will only help to rank your profile but you won’t get many profile matches. If there are so many flaws then why don’t people stop using this app? This is because of the tendency of compensation, environment plays a crucial role in shaping our behavior.

Earlier there was no internet, people use to spend time in playing sports, travelling, spending time with family this is how people use to feel gratification but now people want instant pleasure, no one has patience. Dating sites gives you expectation to find relationship with the comfort of your home. When the algorithm of this site and people who want instant gratification merges, this let people to get the subscription. This is the whole master plan of these kind of sites, after all everyone wants to take their business at heights.

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