How Apple Is Compromising Privacy With The iOS Update

How Apple Is Compromising Privacy With The iOS Update

Apple’s attempt to introduce a new surveillance mechanism with iOS15 has sparked concern. 59% of marketers in the U.S. and the U.K. transitioned from iOS to Android, costing Facebook a net loss of $600 billion in only one year.


Apple’s attempt to introduce a new surveillance mechanism with iOS15 has raised some eyebrows. One may select to limit targeted advertising using iOS 14.5 now. Applications that display targeted adverts, such as Facebook and Twitter, suffered greatly. 59% of marketers in the U.S. and the U.K. transitioned from iOS to Android 59% of marketers switched from iOS to Android, costing Facebook a net loss of $600 billion in only one year.

Facebook might lose $10 billion this year due to an iPhone modification made by Apple. Apple updated the iPhone with a May feature that prevents companies from tracking you between apps. Apple allowed iPhone owners to select which applications can monitor their activity across different apps starting in April 2021.

The great majority of users choose not to utilize it as a result. After Facebook and other advertising companies voiced their concerns about the impact of Apple’s iOS 14’s app tracking restrictions, which prevent marketers from monitoring you throughout the phone, they were postponed until May 2021 and included iOS 14.5 instead.

However, Apple continued to make the adjustments despite the protests.


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Information About Apple Inc.

Type               Public
IndustryConsumer electronics, Software services & Online services
FoundedApril 1, 1976; 46 years ago
Founders           Steve Jobs Steve Wozniak Ronald Wayne
Headquarters1 Apple Park Way, Cupertino, California, U.S.

With its headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company that specializes in software, hardware, and online services. Apple developed the iOS mobile operating system for its iPhone and iPod Touch product lines and has released its fifteenth major update, iOS 15. It was unveiled as the successor to iOS 14 on June 7, 2021, during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference and made available to the general public on September 20, 2021.

App Tracking Transparency (ATT) Privacy Function

The ATT function was initially made available by Apple with iOS 14.5, which was made available for iPhones last year. Additionally, iOS 15, which Apple estimates is installed on 72% of current iPhones. While opening an app, ATT pop-ups will ask customers if they agree to be monitored.

The IDFA, a device I.D. used to target and assess the efficacy of online adverts, cannot be accessed by the app developer if the user responds negatively. According to research conducted by the advertising measurement company AppsFlyer in October, 62% of iPhone users prefer not to share their IDFA.

The privacy feature affects mobile advertising, particularly those that verify if a transaction or download was done. Instead, iPhone applications with targeted advertising can use SKAd Network; a service Apple created as a substitute that it claims is more private.

Since the function was initially disclosed in June 2020, online advertising businesses have complained, but Facebook has been the most vocal. Facebook initiated a marketing effort in December 2020 that included full-page advertisements in important newspapers criticizing the feature and asserting that the move was motivated by “business, not privacy.”

In addition, Facebook’s operational head, Sheryl Sandberg, stated on Wednesday that ATT would harm small businesses, which are considerably more reliant on targeted advertisements than giant corporations and rely on digital advertising to expand. Facebook has consistently emphasized this point in its criticism of Apple.

The modifications are making Facebook’s advertisements less accurate and raising fees depending on results like sales or downloads. Resulting in getting harder to determine whether those conversions occur. The day before Facebook released its fourth-quarter results, Alphabet outperformed forecasts and noted improvement in e-commerce advertisements, an area where Facebook witnessed weakness.

The day before Facebook released its fourth-quarter results, Alphabet outperformed forecasts and noted improvement in e-commerce advertisements, an area where Facebook witnessed weakness.

iOS 14.5 Affected eCommerce strategy

Apple’s iOS 14.5 upgrade still impacts brands that rely significantly on Facebook advertising. Since the amount of the audience that businesses can effectively target with informed data has significantly decreased, it has become more challenging to see actual year-over-year changes.

As a result, it will be more challenging to determine how your advertising is generally working, know what works with your audience, and obtain year-over-year insights. The uncertainty may be balanced by concentrating on your efforts in the top funnel.

The iOS upgrade will influence audience targeting more than measuring the performance of advertisements for firms who want to run social media campaigns over the Christmas season.

Apple’s iOS Update Affected Facebook’s Attribution.

Brands that use Facebook advertising will soon have significantly fewer data collecting and targeting options, in addition to significant changes to how they may evaluate the success of their ad campaigns. Additional privacy-related changes that Facebook must implement as a result of Apple’s iOS 14 upgrade include the removal of some A/B testing features and a possible change to the measurement of mobile app installations.

In addition, Facebook and Instagram are focusing on social commerce to keep users on the app with efforts like Facebook Shops and Instagram’s new Shopping button, as there are fewer data accessible about user behavior outside of the app.

Apple Endures Massive Loss As A Consequence Of ATT

The primary source of income for Meta is its advertising business, which is based on the vast user database it has amassed through running some of the biggest social media platforms in the world, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.Apple eliminated a critical method of gathering advertising data when it provided customers the choice to stop such applications from monitoring them across other apps.

App developers must include a pop-up asking for consent to track behavior for ad sales as part of Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, which debuted in April 2021. Early estimates indicated that more than 95% of iPhone users who had received the update were choosing not to participate in ad tracking; as a result, It Is predicted that Facebook’s ad income would decline by $10 billion in the next year.


It may seem challenging to retain your privacy in today’s society, where everything is online. However, it may not always be possible, mainly if you use an iOS smartphone. With the most recent iOS update, Apple significantly improved user privacy protection.

Facebook’s first-ever user loss had a significant negative impact on the parent firm Meta’s stock, which dropped as much as 25% from $323 per share to close to $245 on Thursday morning in February 2022, virtually wiping off $230 billion in market value overnight. Facebook also disclosed its first-ever user decrease.

How did the change in Apple privacy impact Facebook?

●        According to Facebook parent company Meta, the privacy adjustment Apple made to its iOS operating system last year will cause a $10 billion drop in sales for the social media business this year.

What did Apple modify that had an impact on Facebook?

●        That’s because Apple’s ATT iPhone privacy features reduce monitoring by denying access to the identifier for advertisers (IDFA), a unique code that reveals, for example, when consumers view an advertisement on Facebook, search for it on Google, and purchase through its website.

How will iOS 14.5 affect marketing?

●        A unique identity for advertisers (IDFA), which is randomly issued to every iOS user and enables advertisers to provide targeted advertising in addition to monitoring and attribution capabilities, must be shared by iPhone app users for iOS 14.5 to function.

What impact will iOS 15 have on Facebook ads?

●        It is moving from Facebook Ads to email marketing with iOS 15. Your email open and click-through rates will deviate from reality.

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