Famous MBA ChaiWala inspiring story | Prafull Billore wikipedia, biography, story, age, net worth 2022, social media accounts

Famous MBA ChaiWala

“MBA was all that was going in and out, day and night always in my mind” was the first sentence that came out of Prafull Billore’s mouth when asked about his tryst with the future. For those who don’t know who Prafull Billore is, here is a small summary for you.

MBA Chaiwala wikipedia | biography

MBA Chai Wala Full FormMr. Billore Ahmedabad Chai Wala
MBA Chai Wala FounderPrafull Billore
MBA Chai Wala Starting Date25th of July 2017
MBA Chai Wala Net WorthMore than 5 crores (as of 2021)
MBA Chai Wala Turn Over5 crore
MBA Chai Wala Total Outlets50+ all over India.
No. of employees in MBA Chai Wala50 (40 official and 10 unofficial)
Prafull Billore Age27 Years ( in 2022)
Prafull Billore (MBA Chai Wala) Date of birth14 January 1996
Prafull Billore (MBA Chai Wala) NationalityIndian
Prafull Billore (MBA Chai Wala) ReligionHindu
Prafull Billore (MBA Chai Wala) Birth PlaceDhar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Prafull Billore (MBA Chai Wala) Education & QualificationB.com & MBA Drop Out
MBA Chai Wala (Prafull Billore) Instagram@prafullmbachaiwala with more than 822k followers
Prafull Billore’s Height5.10 ft.
MBA Chai Wala (Prafull ) Weight65 Kg
MBA Chai Wala (Prafull) Skin ColorBrown
MBA Chai Wala (Prafull) Eye ColorBlack
MBA Chaiwala wikipedia | biography

Who is MBA Chaiwala?

Prafull Billore is popularly recognized as the MBA Chaiwala. He is the delighted owner of the ‘MBA Chai Wala franchise, which is now a 5 crore kingdom built on ‘chai’ and his dreams. Moreover, Praful is a B.Com graduate coming from a middle-class family in Madhya Pradesh (MP). 

Famous MBA ChaiWala inspiring story | Prafull Billore wikipedia, biography, story, age, net worth, social media accounts
Prafull Billore (MBA ChaiWala)

Praful’s craving for MBA

Like his peers, Praful was very excited about seeking his MBA from the prime B-schools in India. The only intention for his opinion was the lucrative salary and openings that an MBA degree had to propose. His parents were also excited for their son to clear the MBA entrance exam and get approved into the premium management institutes of the nation.

After wasting two years preparing for CAT exam, he failed to clear the exam two times. After that, He was broken and depressed due to the downfall of his B-school dream. Praful wished for a pause from everything he was doing. He packed his backpacks and set out to wander across the country. Ultimately, after traveling to many cities, Praful agreed to live in Ahmedabad and search for a job. He began working in McDonald’s for earnings of INR 200 per hour of job, approximately amounting up to Rs. 6000 per month.

The preliminary battle of MBA Chaiwala faced

Prafull started rising the ladder at McDonald’s by originally starting as housekeeping staff and eventually ending up as a cashier. Although he was making good growth, he disliked the idea of working for somebody else and wanted to organize an identity for himself. He often admired, “Why sell burgers for someone else, while I can create and sell on my own,” and that directed to the origin of the 3-crore MBA Chaiwala kingdom. 

MBA Chai wala tea shop

Prafull billore set up a stopgap tea booth, and the first day went pretty terrible as there was not even a solo customer. He decided not to give up and planned a new procedure. The second day, he started approaching customers with friendly gestures and talked with them in English. Fascinated by an English-speaking Chaiwala, people began coming over to check his tea. The tea was served with a toast, and Prafull gained 150 rupees that day for five tea glasses. 

The chai business gradually started gaining attraction, and he financed more of his time and steps, and the dividends were eventually starting to pay up. 

The surprising difficulty in Prafull’s journey

One fine day Prafull received a call from his father asking about what he was doing these days. Where Prafull had to lie to him on the phone that he was seeking his MBA dream. Therefore he was feeling guilty, so he went forward and enrolled himself in MBA classes in a nearby city college. 

His classes obtained most of his time, and he felt like it was wasting his time rather than doing what he wanted to do. Moreover, He felt like he was losing the opportunity to thrive someplace else but was often caught between his father’s ambition for their son to seek an MBA and his dream to sell chai. 

Prosperity supports the brave

Prafull could not avoid his dream blurting, and one day he just walked out of his MBA class and never turned to look back. Now he had all the time in the world to project and start his chain business again, and he felt liberated. He tried out numerous varieties of chai and experimented quite a bit with its taste in a conception to prepare the best chai in India. Currently/his net worth is more than 3 Cr Indian rupees.

Famous MBA ChaiWala inspiring story | Prafull Billore wikipedia, biography, story, age, net worth, social media accounts
MBA ChaiWala franchise

Business model of MBA ChaiWala Franchise works

The business uses KIOSK MODEL to formulate their several chai cups now with the help of machines to sustain efficient methods and keep sanitization up to the mark. Similarly, this technique helps to maintain food hygiene and reduces operational costs. As an outcome, the stocks get affordable, And the franchise earns a good margin in selling products.

MBA ChaiWala franchise cost

MBA Chai Wala Franchise Cost 3 Lakh
Area Required for MBA Chai Wala Franchise100 Sq.ft.
Overall Investment for MBA Chai Wala FranchiseApprox 10 Lakh
MBA Chai Wala ModelKIOSK
MBA ChaiWala franchise cost

Marketing strategy of MBA ChaiWala

MBA CHAIWALA Marketing team always operates their campaigns with word of mouth and PR strategies, digital marketing, memes marketing, and ongoing trends.

MBA ChaiWala USP

They have created a quality product line with different alternatives to choose from. Keeping in mind that, they have to deliver a quick & profitable service to their customers.

Particular Customer Segment

As we all know, Indian tea is consumed by all age groups in India and most homes. Their principle is on delivering healthy and hygienic tea and snacks to their customers at decent rates to people of all age groups.

Prafull Billore aka M.B.A Chai wala Inspiring Interview

Source :- Zindagi With Richa (YouTube channel )


He has launched his own acedamy MBA Chaiwala Acedamy to teach everyone about entrepreneurship as well as where millions of people would be educated online just by opting for courses from various fields.

MBA Chai Wala YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Website

  • The official YouTube channel of MBA Chai Wala has over 769k subscribers.
  • MBA Chai Wala has over 90.8k followers on Instagram as of now.
  • MBA Chai Wala is famous on Twitter as well, they have more than 5k followers.
YouTube ChannelPrafull MBA Chai Wala
Instagram Account@mbachaiwalaind
Twitter Account@mbachaiwalaind
MBA Chai Wala Website https://www.mbachaiwala.com/
MBA Chai Wala YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Website

What is the full form MBA ChaiWala?

Mr. Billore Ahmedabad ChaiWala.

Who is the owner of MBA Chaiwala?

Prafull Billore is the owner of MBA Chaiwala.

What is the net worth of MBA ChaiWala?

As of now, Net worth of MBA ChaiWala is more than 5 crores.

How many stores does MBA ChaiWala has?

MBA ChaiWala has over 50+ stores across India.

Who is Prafull Billore?

Prafull Billore is popularly recognized as the MBA Chaiwala. He is B.Com graduate coming from a middle-class family in Madhya Pradesh (MP). 

What is the initial franchise cost of opening MBA ChaiWala outlet?

The initial franchise cost of opening MBA ChaiWala outlet is 3 lakhs with 100sq.ft area.

Why MBA ChaiWala is so famous?

Prafull Billore, or MBA Chaiwala as he is more often known these days, is the successful proprietor of his MBA Chaiwala franchise. The MBA Chaiwala business began with an investment of barely Rs 8,000 and has grown to become a Rs 3 crore enterprise based on something that we Indians all enjoy, namely tea.

Is MBA Chai Wala profitable?

Yes MBA chaiwala franchise is profitable .

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