Ever Given: The Inside Truth of the Ship That Disrupted World Trade

Ever Given: The Inside Truth of the Ship That Disrupted World Trade

Some of the fundamental problems that caused the mega-ship “Ever Given” to get grounded have still not been resolved four months after it became stranded in the canal. For example, the Suez Canal in Egypt is still blocked by a huge cargo ship, which has stopped all international trade and transport.


The ultra-large cargo ship Ever Given grounded one year ago today, obstructing the Suez Canal for six days. In March, the Ever Given, one of the giant container ships ever constructed and more like a sideways skyscraper than a boat, became stranded in the Suez Canal for six days, halting international commerce and close to $10 billion in trade per day.

In addition to the ship’s sheer size, wind conditions make it difficult to clear the congested shipping channel and enable dozens of other vessels to complete their voyages. The time it takes for certain shipping companies to re-route their ships around the southern tip of Africa would increase by around a week.

Traffic congestion of about 400 ships was caused by the incident, which cost lost trade an estimated $10 billion daily. The disaster, its causes, and the steps are taken to liberate the ship and restore the canal took days to get the route clear.


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Basic Information On The Suez Canal Obstruction

Date23–29 March 2021
Duration         Six days and 7 hours
LocationSuez Canal, Suez, Egypt
Type   Ship grounding
Cause  Under investigation

Following the grounding of the 20,000 TEU cargo ship Ever Given in March 2021, the Suez Canal was closed for six days. On the morning of March 23, the 400-meter-long (1,300-foot) ship was battered by severe winds and became trapped across the channel with its bow and stern lodged in the canal banks, preventing any traffic until it could be removed.

According to Egyptian authorities, technical or human faults might have also been at fault. There was no opportunity for other ships to get around Ever Given since the barrier was located south of the stretch of the canal where there were two channels.

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) hired Boskalis to oversee maritime salvage activities through its subsidiary Smit International. The canal obstruction has a substantially detrimental effect on commerce between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East as it is one of the busiest trading routes in the world.

Underlying Factor For The Ship’s Obstruction

Strong winds, which were initially cited as the cause of the grounding, may have contributed to the ship getting off course. Still, according to the investigation, the Egyptian pilots’ orders may have made matters worse by sending the ship careening out of control and slamming into both banks of the canal.

In contravention of the authority’s regulations, the canal authority also neglected to supply tugs that may have assisted in keeping the ship on course. However, the canal authority has absolved its pilots of all responsibility and has not acted to correct the error or update its protocols.

The lateral forces of west-to-east winds pushing laterally against the northbound ship, which may cause the stern of a ship to swing toward the close bank while operating in a constrained channel, may have contributed to the disaster.

However, the impacts of hydrodynamics in shallow seas are often neglected when designing modern ships since their primary concerns are efficiency and stability at sea, especially given how quickly ship sizes have increased during the previous ten years.

According to an examination into the grounding, the canal authority had no mechanism for keeping track of weather patterns or alerting ships to hazardous weather. The Ever Given and other ships were dragging their anchors, though, which was a glaring indicator that the weather was exceptionally choppy.

Nevertheless, Krishnan Kanthavel, the ship’s captain, decided to go, maybe giving in to the same intense commercial pressure that has caused the industry to build ever-larger container ships over the previous 15 years.

Economic Effects On World Trade Of the Blockage

1. Price Hikes

The value of the items was delayed while the obstacle was US$400 million each hour, and the extra US$9 billion in goods would be disrupted for each day it takes to remove the impediment.

According to estimates, Egypt lost $12–14 million daily due to the shutdown. The SCA estimated that the lost transportation fees amounted to almost $15 million daily. Despite the obstruction, total revenue for the first half of 2021 increased by 8.8% to US$3 billion compared to the same time in 2020.

2. Delays In The Shipment Of Goods

The incident caused delays in the delivery of commodities, affecting markets already in danger of collapsing and industries that had experienced shortages, such as semiconductors. Future shipments might be put on hold until the shortfall is filled to reduce long-term shortages of supplies.

After the situation was resolved, forwarders in India reported problems arranging shipments to Europe or Africa. Many earlier contracts were canceled, and higher freight charges were particularly hard on small and medium-sized exporters. There was a shortage of garden gnomes in England and Europe due to the canal incident’s interruption of the supply chain and the COVID-19 lockdowns’ already elevated interest in gardening.

Egypt’s Efforts To Upgrade The Canal

The Suez Canal Authority has acted quickly to avoid more canal traffic bottlenecks, which cost Egypt more than $5 billion annually in much-needed foreign money. Egypt recently declared that it would buy a fleet of stronger tugboats, a support vessel, and cranes that might lessen the burden of any future grounded ship, in addition to plans to considerably expand and deepen the canal segment where the Ever Given became trapped in May. Since the grounding, the ship and her cargo of Lenovo computers, Ikea furniture, wearable blankets, and other commodities have been held in the canal while the parties negotiate damages.


The 400-meter-long Ever Given, an Evergreen-chartered ship that weighs 220,000 tonnes and is longer than the Eiffel Tower, was stranded in the Suez Canal for six days last year. First, in both sections of the canal, the ship and her 17,600 containers stopped it, causing a backlog of more than 400 ships that were delayed.

Then, on March 23, the vessel was buffeted by severe winds and became trapped across the channel with its bow and stern lodged in the canal banks, preventing any commerce until it could be removed. But, according to Egyptian authorities, technical or human faults might have also been at fault.

What happened to the EvergreenEvergreen?

●        The Suez Canal on March 23, 2021, closing a passageway that is thought to carry 10% of all commercial marine traffic worldwide.

Why is EvergreenEvergreen referred to as Ever Given?

●        The title given to the massive container ship in “Ever Given.” This is so because the ship is owned by Evergreen Marine Corp., a Taiwanese container shipping business.

What was the Ever Given ship carrying?

●        Hundreds of people queued up on the beach to view it as it approached Felixstowe. The estimated worth of the goods in the 18,000 containers on the Ever Given is $775 million, but many of them will include fruit and vegetables that need to be thrown out since they are past their best-by date.

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