Delhi Restaurant Owners Unhappy Over The Suspension of Dine-in 2022

Delhi restaurant owners are unhappy over the suspension of Dine-in.

Delhi Restaurant Owners pointed that many restaurants and bars will shut down because of these restrictions as they have not fully recovered from the losses of the second wave. According to the Treasurer Of The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) Manpreet Singh, “Restaurant & Bars have not yet fully covered their previous losses from the setback of the lockdown before and this fresh restriction will only make difficult to survive. As takeaways alone cannot cover their expenses like rent and staff salaries. “

According to them, it is not fair to shut down restaurants and bars in the city, when we can see roadside eateries are open and Metro, buses are also operational at full capacity. They also requested Delhi Disaster Management Authority to revise their decision.

Delhi Restaurant Owners Unhappy Over The Suspension of Dine-in
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Singh said Delhi restaurant Owners will not be able to pay lakhs of rupees in rent, tax, and salaries unless their business will operate & generate revenue.

“This new restriction will only worsen the condition for the restaurant industry and will make a big dent in their business.”

Singh also pointed out that employees of restaurants are not able to carry out home delivery services as the Delhi government is not issuing the passes.

The restaurant Owner from Delhi Mr. Raman Bajaj asked the government to reconsider the order as this will “ruin” the business & will create unemployment in this industry on a large scale.

He also added that Most of the restaurants and bars in Delhi follow Covid guidelines as they take care of social distancing norms check the temperature and sanitize utensils but still they are being shut.

Atul Bhargava the President of the New Delhi Traders Association said that the government should consult traders before taking such a decision.

“We have taken a bad hit. All our savings have to go into running the show. We have been paying taxes, rents, salaries of our employees on time but still, our establishment is being shut” he added.

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