Military service by BTS back as South Korean poll campaign issue

The presidential candidate of South Korea ruling liberal party Lee Jae-Myung raised his voice against the special favors for K-Pop superstar band BTS for mandatory military service by its members.

According to the reports published in South Korean Yonhap News Agency presidential candidate, Lee was asked about his views on the issue of whether the Band members of BTS should be exempted from military service or given other favors for their role in promoting the nation’s image overseas. He replied by saying “Mandatory military service is a public duty set by the Constitution and we must be prudent about granting exceptions,

He further stated “We can’t deny (BTS’s) contribution to the nation, but we must be careful because it will be hard to draw the line if we expand (the scope of exceptions) like this.

Lee made similar comments in December, stating that postponing BTS’ military duty would be preferable to granting the members exemptions.

All able-bodied men in South Korea between the ages of 18 and 28 are obligated to serve in the military for approximately two years.

Internationally acclaimed athletes and classical musicians have been granted exemptions for their contributions to the country’s international prestige.

There has also been discussion on whether BTS members should be permitted to perform alternative military duty in recognition of their extraordinary Billboard-topping hits’ contribution to South Korea’s national image.

Military service by BTS back as South Korean poll campaign issue
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