Jisoo and Jung Hae-in starter show ‘Snowdrop’ to stream on Disney + Hotstar and as per reports both the stars shared emotional farewell messages as show production completed.

Watch Online Korean show on Disney + Hotstar ‘Snowdrop ‘ from Feb 9

According to the latest reports, Disney plus Hotstar has all set to premiere the New Korean drama snowdrop on its platform from Feb 9 to let users enjoy the latest release. The show will be releasing a new episode every week on Disney Plus Hotstar on January 30 on the South Korean channel JTBC show aired its last episodes the show s16 episodes long.

Snowdrop cast Jisoo and Jung Hae-in shares emotional farewell messages to each other.

Blackpink Jisoo and Jung Hae-in starrer 'Snowdrop' to stream on Disney + Hotstar, read more details here.

Hina new video surfacing online snowdrop cast Jung Hae-in scene thanking everyone and presented his special thanks to his co-star of Snowdrop Jisoo, who enacted as his love interest on the show.

Jung Hae-in said that today is the last day of filming it’s time to say goodbye to snowdrop he also stated that he was not feeling good he stated usually when a drama and you feel relieved but how do I put it? it is bittersweet.

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In a video when asked about Jisoo he said he was very surprised by her skills and she had a very good nature towards the staff and possessed bright and positive energy on the set he also added that just she was very fast to learn and grabbed the director’s direction very quickly and impress everyone with her performance.

We have also heard about both the star’s rumors of their relationship and both also share very good friends and it can be seen through their photos from the snowdrops set.

In the end, he concluded by thanking every team member and saying that he would never be able to forget young Ro ( Jisoo character ) and said she is the best in everything she does.

Jisoo also added a sweet message for Jung Hae-in and said ” I think you work hard to lead me because it was my first playing a lead character so I wanted to thank you and also stated that she get her strength to fill because of a supporting nature.”

About Korean drama Snowdrop

Written by Hyun-mi and directed by Jo Hyun-tak, the duo behind the 2018 thriller Sky Castle had come together to work on this project. Snowdrop is a historical drama that revolves around the crucial year 1987 which also involved June 1987 when people of South Korea forced the government of that time to hold fair elections practices, and created mass protests against the dictatorial government. The results happened to be the authoritarian Fifth Republic of Korea and created the Sixth Republic of Korea. Jung Hae-in played Lim soo – hoo and Jisoo played Young – Roo.

Due to the tense situation and mass protest Lim soo -hoo was found in blood by Young – Ro and as seen in the situation, Young – Roo decide to secretly keep Lim soo Ho in her college dormitory and due to this, both characters fill in love behind the political situation. Users can watch online shows in Disney+ Hotstar from Feb 9.


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